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Latest commit 1138fad Nov 23, 2020 History
- since notes were calling merge, they are an ObjectifiedHash
  and need to call to_h first as seen in the following warning:

WARNING: Please convert ObjectifiedHash object to hash before calling Hash methods on it.

which comes from
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  • Silence the ObjectifiedHash warnings when iterating over GitLab notes. - @dstull


  • Add danger.import_dangerfile(url:) to import Dangerfile from custom URL - @dstranz
  • Fixes issue with not being able to update comments, and instead always posting new comments regardless of settings for Bitbucket Cloud @tskulbru
  • Fix incorrect command in error message @revolter


  • Add support for Concourse-CI @matthewellis
  • Add support for pull_request_target in GitHub actions. - @chesire


  • correct the usage of double splat to fix Ruby 2.7 warning
  • Adds support for Code Insights for Bitbucket Server. To use Code Insights, please ensure DANGER_BITBUCKETSERVER_CODE_INSIGHTS_REPORT_KEY, DANGER_BITBUCKETSERVER_CODE_INSIGHTS_REPORT_TITLE and DANGER_BITBUCKETSERVER_CODE_INSIGHTS_REPORT_DESCRIPTION optional environment variables are set. @qbeorama


  • Add ability to set dismiss_out_of_range_messages for gitlab. - @fahmisdk6
  • Preserve single and double quotes @caalberts
  • Add support for multiple patterns {a,b} in FileList#include? - @l15 #1258


  • Handle ssh URLs with port in Bitrise
  • Fixes warnings when using GitLab with Ruby 2.7 @chwo #1250


  • Minor docs update, might also update the dockerfile


  • Support external CI/CD for GitLab CI with GitHub code repository. To utilize this, please ensure DANGER_GITHUB_API_TOKEN and DANGER_PROJECT_REPO_URL are both set. @philipqnguyen #1238


  • Fix Danger::Helpers::CommentsHelper#process_markdown so that it doesn't result in broken HTML. @rymai #1236


  • Fix request source detection for GitLab. @rymai #1234


Breaking - Drop support for Ruby 2.3, support Ruby 2.4+ @Kaspik #1225

  • Fix github inline-comments always being struck-through. This was caused by a regression in PR #1182, fixed in PR #1208 for 6.3.2 but didn't make it to 7.0.0 @Kaspik #1225


  • Fixed import Dangerfile in directory from GitLab
  • Fixes warnings when using GitHub with Ruby 2.7
  • Improves messaging specific to GitLab
  • Updates Git dependency to 1.7 with Ruby 2.7 support without warnings


Breaking for BitBucket Cloud users only - with changes in their API, see below, then Danger has a new env var requirement in order to support editing existing comments. You add DANGER_BITBUCKETCLOUD_UUID which is the UUID of the account which Danger should be using for commenting.

  • Added support to git.info_for_file for added and deleted files. @ethan-riback #1216
  • Allow danger to run with Faraday 1.0.0.
  • Add message aggregation in a non-request-source-specific way: When the DANGER_MESSAGE_AGGREGATION environment variable is set (to anything that isn't an empty string) and the PR source supports it, this new message-aggregation method is used. Otherwise, the old way is used. @telyn #1201
  • Allow github repository redirects to be followed. @telyn #1209
  • Fix 404 on Bitbucket Cloud fetching /users/$DANGER_BITBUCKETCLOUD_USERNAME. This fix requires that everyone using Bitbucket Cloud now provides the DANGER_BITBUCKETCLOUD_UUID environment variable containing the UUID of danger's user on bitbucket (with or without the {} braces). See this blog post from Atlassian for details on the change Atlassian made which broke Danger. @telyn #1217


  • Fix gitlab & github inline-comments always being struck-through. This was caused by a regression in PR #1182. @telyn #1208
  • Update RegEx pattern used for URL matching for bitrise projects. @RonaldPrithiv
  • Refactor shared code from Violation and Markdown into a base class @telyn #1186
  • Add <=> methods to Violation and Markdown @telyn #1186
  • Add sketch of MessageGroup and a totally unimplemented MessageAggregator, for the coming PR-host-agnostic inline-comment grouping support @telyn #1186
  • Fix typo from environemnt -> environment @yohix #1199


  • Remove ".git" at the end of project URL for bitrise projects. @RonaldPrithiv


  • Adds staging command to run locally against local master @olbrichj
  • Fix RegEx pattern used to match URL.
  • Fix for GitLab Pipelines for Merge Results. @rymai #1194
  • Show correct error when GitLab Gem can't be loaded @glensc, #1191, #1192


  • Fix incorrect method call in Bitbucket Cloud arising from my own changes in 6.2.1 @telyn #1184


  • Fix Bitbucket Pipelines documentation
  • Update Ruby-Git to 1.6.0 to fix output encoding
  • Add inline-comments support to Bitbucket Cloud @telyn #1182
  • Make emojis display better on Bitbucket Cloud @telyn #1182


  • Enable Danger to be run from a subfolder of a git repository @scranen #1177
  • Add github enterprise support to CodeBuild
  • Fix CodeBuild to allow repo url which not ended .git
  • Add an example for gitlab.api on reference
  • Fix html_links of dangerfile_gitlab_plugin for non gitlab/jenkins ci @mfiebig #1157
  • Adds support for Atlassian Bamboo CI #985 @qbeorama
  • Updated Semaphore to also work with Semaphore 2.0. @gabrielrinaldi #1165
  • adding documentation in bitrise.rb with respect to #1164
  • Fix GitHub Pull Request identifier in Azure Pipelines @Dahlgren


  • Fixes CircleCI integration for builds without associated Pull Request @mvandervelden #1135
  • Fixes a crash in FileList include @chemouna
  • Fix typos across danger repository @kittenking #1144
  • Add support for Azure Pipelines @jonasbark


  • Exposes danger_id publicly via EnvironmentManager. Access it in the Dangerfile via danger.env.danger_id @rpassis


  • Integrated build status Bitbucket Server REST API
  • Bitbucket cloud api, migrating to 2.0 @susan335


  • Added support for Codefresh CI/CD Platform @br4in3x
  • Fixed branch_for_head API of Bitbucket cloud @susan335 #1133


  • Fix regression introduced in 6.0.6 using import_dangerfile() for GitLab @jk #1128 #1130


  • Update faraday-http-cache dependency from 1.0 to 2.0
  • Fixed importing Dangerfile from Gitlab (uses Gitlab API now)



  • Fixed error of GitLab inline comments @oboenikui, #1111


  • For GitLab >= 10.7, use a newer faster API to find the MR for the commit


  • Support Bitbucket cloud OAuth @susan335 #1115


  • Add project URL to Jenkins if available, @qyhongfan #1109
  • Added Cirrus CI support @RDIL, #1114


  • Fixed error management with GitLab inline comments @pbendersky, #1106


  • Support Kramdown 2.0+ (requires Ruby 2.3) @davidstosik, #1100

  • Rescues from failures when submitting inline comments to GitLab @pbendersky, #1097

  • Fixes issue with GitHub where some filenames have trailing tabs, preventing inline comments from being posted correctly. @daniel-beard

Breaking changes

  • Danger requires Kramdown 2.0 or more recent and will not work with lower versions.
  • Danger requires Ruby 2.3 or more recent and will not work with lower versions.


  • Fixes GitLab inline comments when violations happened in files outside of the MR diff @pbendersky, #1092


  • Add support for Visual Studio App Center @rishabhtayal / @cojoj
  • Add more helptext explaining what to do if Danger didn't run on a CircleCI build. @ghiculescu
  • Add support for inline comments on GitLab (for versions >= 10.8.0) @pbendersky



  • Add --fail-if-no-pr flag, breaks builds if no PR is found @ghiculescu







  • Support multiple gitlab groups using jenkins ci extracting repo_slug @kyaak


  • Fix wrong test and implementation about No newline annotation @colorbox


  • danger pr now supports Bitbucket Server repos @jmromanos


  • Fix diff position calculation when diff includes No newline annotation @colorbox


  • Add git.tags to get a list of existing Git tags @hotbott



  • Update BitbucketServerAPI error message to include response body @cnoon




  • Fixes importing a Dangerfile from a GitLab repository @koffeinfrei
  • Adds dry_run command to allow running danger on localhost without actual PR/MR @otaznik-net
  • GitLab: Determine base_commit from the MR API instead of querying the commits @leipert



  • Adds failure as an alias to fail without incurring the wrath of default rubocop @orta


  • Update the git gem so that Danger handles multi-byte chars correctly @tbrand


  • Update Bitrise CI to parse repo_slug with two slashes @dstranz


  • Fix to detect not Pull Request on CircleCI. @kompiro
  • Add support for two slashes in repository slug like organisation/team/repository (for GitLab) @dstranz


  • Update Screwdriver CI to parse repo_slug/repo_url correctly. @fandyfyf


  • Use HTTPS links where applicable. @allewun
  • Fix Danger::GitLabCI to use CI_PROJECT_PATH instead of CI_PROJECT_ID for its #repo_slug. @rymai



  • Enable Bitbucket Cloud for Bitrise CI @masahide318
  • Notes which CI is used when exiting with an invalid PR @dbgrandi


  • Fix a multistage import_dangerfile error @tbrand
  • Fixing typo: ArraySublcass -> ArraySubclass @ivantse
  • Fix crash when having messages with nil line on GitHub @fwal


  • Fix GitLab html_link url's for external repos. @sogame
  • Removing --all option for git merge-base @tbrand


  • Improve Jenkins CI error handling when no ENV passed in - #954 Juanito Fatas
  • Update rubocop and yard dependencies for vulnerabilities - #955 #957 Juanito Fatas
  • Enable BitBucket Cloud for Circle CI. @andrewlord1990



  • Add --remove-previous-comments functionality, which means that a you can make a new comment at the bottom of the code review conversation. @JoeS


  • Add Bitbucket Server support for Bitrise CI. @copini
  • Add Bitbucket Server support for TeamCity CI. @davevdveen
  • Use unique entries for the validation reports
  • Add Bitbucket Cloud support for TeamCity @neilkimmett


  • Improves the inline docs on danger local and danger pr. @orta
  • Improves the GitLab CI error handling if port number is accidentally included in host. @mbogh


  • Fix handling of Github repos slugs with dots in them (for BuildKite CI). @orj


  • Fix handling of filenames that contain square brackets (and possibly other characters) - @allewun


  • Fix comment posting logic for VSTS integration. @cyupa




  • Fix bug with gitlab v4 API- @marocchino
  • Fix issue where a single branch git clone on the PR head never fetched the base branch - @daveallie
  • Fix removing comments when one danger_id is a substring of another - @marcelofabri
  • Fix possible invalid binding.pry statement when Dangerfile does not have an empty new line at the end (danger pr --pry) - @pedrovieira



  • Fix Violation#to_s showing file and line when they are empty and not showing when they are set


  • Adds VSTS Dangerfile plugin - @petester42
  • Add support to pass in DANGER_OCTOKIT_VERIFY_SSL to toggle SSL Verification for Octokit - @nikhilsh



  • Tightens up pronouns in danger init.
  • Add --verify-ssl option to bypass Octokit's SSL Verification - @nikhilsh
  • Add no_proxy_fix gem as Ruby's no proxy is not working in 2.4.0/2.4.1 - @nikhilsh


This release adds compatibility for GitLab API v4, you need to update the danger-gitlab gem to be version 6.x when you migrate to the new API. 👍



  • Fix plugins search list to gitlab - @leonhartX
  • Explicitly encode the results of git executions in UTF-8 - @nikhilmat
  • Adds BitbucketServer to XcodeServer's supported_request_sources @anreitersimon


  • Fixes for duplicated GitHub inline comments - @litmon
  • Fix wrong commits count for PR's that have more than 30 commits - @sleekybadger
  • Fix markdown links to files in messages - @ffittschen


  • Improve remotes parsing for init command - @sleekybadger
  • Adds ability to get the whole diff object at git.diff - This lets you do more fine grained checks on the raw changes. - @sleekybadger
  • Add ability to set dismiss_out_of_range_messages per each message kinds. - @giginet




  • Add support for DotCi - Daniel Beard
  • Send Dangerfile eval exceptions to PR - @sleekybadger


  • Consider all comments when looking for existing danger comments in Gitlab MRs.


  • Improved DroneCI support for versions 0.4+ - @fmartingr
  • Made DroneCI still work with older version - @k0nserv


  • Automates the add GitHub release notes when we release via chandler - orta
  • Updates Danger's tests to use the gitlab 4.0 gem - orta
  • #790 Fixes issue with BitbucketServer crashing when DANGER_BITBUCKETSERVER_HOST is not set - orta


  • #787 Fixes issue with use_ssl for bitbucket server integration. - RishabhTayal
  • #788 Fix diff_for_file for added files - allewun


  • #785 Added support for http:// for bitbucket server integration. - RishabhTayal


  • #681, #498 - Fixes handling of files moved across directories by using diff to get list of modified files. Please note that the fix is not backward-compatible due to moved files names being the original file names - nikolaykasyanov

    This is very likely not break any Dangerfiles out there, but it's better to be safe. So we're bumping the version number to let everyone know there could be a risk. - orta


  • #775 Fixed calling undefined method start_with


  • Fix danger init - Kohki Miki


  • danger.import_dangerfile(github:) now supports private repositories and GitHub Enterprise - hotbott


  • Change from git fetch --unshallow to git fetch --depth=1000000 - Juanito Fatas


  • Fix find inline comment position at the last line of diff - leonhartX
  • Add inline comments to changed lines only when dismiss_out_of_range_message is enabled - leonhartX
  • Add documentation for buddybuild - sunshinejr


  • Minor changes to the danger Gemfile - orta
  • Make danger pr & local commands recognize -h to print help - Juanito Fatas
  • Fix inline comment url when using github enterprise - leonhartX
  • Fix repo slug nil when using a GitHub repo that contains dot in name - johnlinvc
  • Fix find wrong diff position for inline comment - leonhartX
  • Add dismiss_out_of_range_messages option to github plugin to support inline comments only, instead of moving them into the main comment - leonhartX
  • Fix inline comment url when using github enterprise - leonhartX
  • Fix repo slug nil when using a GitHub repo that contains dot in name - johnlinvc
  • Fix find wrong diff position for inline comment - leonhartX
  • gitlab project names don't need to be urlencoded anymore - hanneskaeufler
  • Fix inline comment failed to fall back when there is only inline comments - leonhartX
  • Fix only inline markdown comments will fall back to main comment even in diff's range - leonhartX


  • Improved support for Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin - bartoszj
  • Refactoring of danger local and danger pr commands - hanneskaeufler
  • Fixes crash of danger local with github enterprise hosts - hanneskaeufler


  • Fixed an issue that broke markdown rendering in Github comments - turekj


  • Use the colored2 gem instead of colored - orta
  • Add summary to dangers comment to show in e.g. slack - hanneskaeufler


  • Minor docs formatting change - orta


  • PR Review in Beta. Provides access to creating a GitHub Review instead of a typical GitHub comment - antondomashnev

To use you announce the start of your review, and the end via the start and submit` functions, for example:"Please add a CHANGELOG entry") if has_no_changelog"Highway to the Danger Zone") if pr_includes_word_danger"You might want to read #{url}") if may_require_docs"Please update your changelog entry according an #{\example}") if changelog_format_not_valid


  • Transform line into an int before comparing it with ranges when posting inline comments to GitHub - barbosa
  • Fix danger pr command cannot specify API host - Juanito Fatas
  • Better handling of long comments - Juanito Fatas


Full Changelog

  • Test on Ruby 2.4.0 - Connor Shea
  • Don't rely on regular expressions to determine whether or not a file will register a plugin. - Ray Zane
  • Fixes parsing Gems for pulling in their plugin JSON metadata - orta/barbosa


Full Changelog

  • Print out an error when posting a comment to BitBucket Server fails - Buju77


Full Changelog

  • Refactor plugin_support/plugin_file_resolver.rb - Juanito Fatas
  • Extend BitBucket Server request source support - Alexandr Chaplyuk


Full Changelog

  • Fixed --new-comment not working with Bitbucket - Bruno Rocha
  • Adjust GitHub comment output for new Markdown parser - Yuki Izumi


Full Changelog

Welcome to 4.0. This one comes with only breaking changes. There are two of them. They both change pretty fundamental behavior in Danger:

  • Switch messaging's sticky to default to false - Bogren
  • Move the gitlab gem into danger-gitlab - Orta


The sticky one affects every Dangerfile. When we first introduced the feature, we wanted to experiment with how people used it. Looks like in general, people are writing sticky: false a lot in their Dangerfiles. Enough that it is worth going through the pain of migrating the change.

If you prefer the old behavior, you need to add sticky: true to the end of every call to warn, fail and message. E.g. message("Let's show something", sticky: true).

Otherwise, you can just remove sticky: false from the Dangerfile.


We want to keep the dependency tree for Danger as small as possible for the majority of our users. What this means is that we are moving the gitlab dependencies out into a separate gem. danger-gitlab.

This reduces the number of dependencies we have for the majority of Danger's users. We love GitLab, I've been super happy with their work, and we use GitLab for Danger.Systems. This is not a slight on the project.

However, as of 4.0. Anyone using Danger with GitLab will need to use danger-gitlab instead of danger. It will stay in lock-step with the same major SemVer releases with Danger. That should be your only change.



Full Changelog

  • Support for Jenkins pipelines - fwal
  • Implemented '--new-comment' support for GitLab - Nikolay Kasyanov
  • Improves Danger: Ignore "[warning/error text]" parsing - Juanito Fatas


Full Changelog

  • Show warning when Danger is missing permissions to update PR status, even on successful build - hanneskaeufler
  • Fixed '--new-comment' creating multiple GitHub status checks, and removing the argument on a subsequent build will now make Danger correctly edit it's last comment - Bruno Rocha
  • Fix crash in git_repo.rb (#636) - Kyle McAlpine & Viktor Benei & orta & Juanito Fatas


Full Changelog

  • fail fast if still cannot find the commit after fetch - Juanito Fatas

  • Adds the --new-comment argument to danger command - Bruno Rocha

    Makes Danger post a brand new comment by ignoring other Danger instances.

  • Fixed an issue where EnvironmentManager's output UI could be nil, and would blackhole error messages - @notjosh

  • danger pr now accepts --dangerfile argument - Juanito Fatas

    danger pr --dangerfile ~/Dangerfile


Full Changelog

  • Removes the mr/pr diff from the tabled output during danger pr, danger local and danger --verbose. This is because it can be a very large output that's not too useful, and can occasionally cause errors. - orta


Full Changelog

  • danger pr takes an argument as PR URL instead of --use-pr option - Juanito Fatas

    Work with Open PR:

    danger pr

    Work with Merged PR:

    danger pr

    Works with forks, too:

    danger pr


Full Changelog

  • Adds danger pr command to run against Pull Requests - Juanito Fatas

    Work with Open PR:

    danger pr --use-pr=

    Work with Merged PR:

    danger pr --use-pr=

    Works with forks, too:

    danger pr --use-pr=


Full Changelog

  • Adds a template for creating a gem-based Dangerfile - dblock (+ orta)

    Adding two new commands:

    danger dangerfile init which creates the same Dangerfile generated in danger init but without all the talking.

    danger dangerfile gem [gemname] which uses the dangerfile-gem-template repo to create a Gem based on our current best practices.


Full Changelog

  • Adds backwards compatibility for plugin testing API - sorry - @orta
  • Multiple remotes support for Jenkins - Juanito Fatas
  • Fixed a problem when checking if the latest PR commit have been fetched - @fwal


Full Changelog

  • Added option to run a Dangerfile from a branch and/or path when using a remote repo - felipesabino
  • Add specs for Danger::EnvironmentManager - Juanito Fatas
  • Fixes plugin that inherits from Danger::Plugin should not raise error - Juanito Fatas


Full Changelog

  • Simplify initialization of Octokit client in request_sources/github.rb - Juanito Fatas
  • Ensure commits exist inside the local git repo before using them for diffs - orta
  • Big improvements to the warning around no API tokens being found - orta
  • Support for failing on errors - orta/Juanito Fatas (the PR was pretty shared)
  • Improves danger local merged Pull Request finding logic - Juanito Fatas
  • Adds some tests for Danger::Runner - Juanito Fatas
  • Remove unused CLI options from danger local - Juanito Fatas
  • Raises error if plugin file doesn't contain any class inherits from Plugin - Juanito Fatas


Full Changelog

  • Use danger_id as context for GitHub status - Thiago Felix
  • Increase the number of commits danger local to search for merged PR - Juanito Fatas
  • Fix rubocop offenses in plugin_linter.rb - Juanito Fatas
  • Add missing require statements in bitbucket cloud and server - Juanito Fatas


Full Changelog

  • "danger local" can find squash-and-merge-type Pull Request - Juanito Fatas
  • Fix request_sources files and specs location - Juanito Fatas
  • Fix request_sources references in CI subclasses - Juanito Fatas
  • trying to fix danger bugs - Juanito Fatas
  • Fix Danger breaks when files are moved - Juanito Fatas


Full Changelog

  • Add support for Bitbucket Cloud - Wolfgang Damm

    This adds a new object to the DSL, bitbucket_cloud which offers the same API as Bitbucket Server! To use it, ensure DANGER_BITBUCKETCLOUD_USERNAME and DANGER_BITBUCKETCLOUD_PASSWORD are in your Jenkins environment, and you should be good to go.

  • Add git.info_for_file("some/file.txt"): line counts and before/after file contents - tikitu

  • Remove String#danger_class - Juanito Fatas

  • Set defaults for file and line args of Violation#new & Markdown#new - Juanito Fatas

  • Add docs to String#danger_pluralize & String#danger_underscore - Juanito Fatas

  • Refactor Comment class out of CommentsHelper - Juanito Fatas


Full Changelog

  • Link to in Bitbucket Server comments - HeEAaD
  • Add markdown_link for the Bitbucket Server plugin - HeEAaD
  • Updated Bitrise documentation about env vars - kylejm
  • Fix html_link for gitlab - hanneskaeufler


Full Changelog

  • Fix for markdown accidentally crashing Danger when sending a message #520 - orta
  • Improved the width handling for the output of the danger local table - orta
  • Added a check for the merge inflection point inside the diff, and will fetch it if needed - orta
  • Improved the width handling for the output of the danger local table - orta
  • Update comment & remove unused regexp name in request_source.rb - JuanitoFatas
  • Mask password on BitbucketServerAPI object - JuanitoFatas
  • Add scm_provider to the DSL allowing users and plugins to check which scm provider is being used when running danger - K0nserv
  • Deprecated branch_for_merge for GitLab. Use branch_for_base instead. - K0nserv
  • Added branch_for_base and branch_for_head for GitLab. - K0nserv


Full Changelog

  • Added file and line optional parameters to methods on the messaging plugin - champo

This means that if you'd like to comment specifically on a line in a file inside the diff, you can use an API like:

message("Please add your name to the CHANGELOG", file: "", line: 4)

If you are using GitHub (who are the only ones with an API that supports line comments) you will have the comments added inline. This makes changes to a lot of the logic inside the github API, so we'd love bug reports (or PRs! :D) on things like "I expected this comment to be deleted."

On other platforms, it will ignore the file and line parameters.

  • Add Bitbucket Server aka. Stash integration - heeaad

    This adds a new object to the DSL, bitbucket_server which offers the following API:

    bitbucket_server.pr_title # The title of the Pull Request
    bitbucket_server.mr_body # The body text of the Pull Request
    bitbucket_server.mr_author # The username of the author of the Pull Request
    bitbucket_server.mr_labels # The labels assigned to the Pull Request
    bitbucket_server.branch_for_merge # The branch to which the PR is going to be merged into
    bitbucket_server.base_commit # The base commit to which the PR is going to be merged as a parent
    bitbucket_server.head_commit # The head commit to which the PR is requesting to be merged from
    bitbucket_server.mr_json # The hash that represents the PR's JSON
    bitbucket_server.html_link (paths: String or Array, full_path=true: Bool) # Returns a list of HTML anchors for a file, or files in the head repository.
  • Deprecated import_dangerfile(String) in favor of import_dangerfile(Hash) - dblock

    The new import_dangerfile method supports loading Dangerfile from Github.

    danger.import_dangerfile github: 'ruby-grape/danger'

    You can package a Dangerfile in a gem, add it to Gemfile and import it.

    danger.import_dangerfile gem: 'ruby-grape-danger'

    Use a local path for testing Dangerfile changes.

    danger.import_dangerfile path: '/Users/me/source/ruby-grape/danger'

    See #504 for details.

  • Prints updated danger message when installed danger is outdated - JuanitoFatas

  • Remove a variable assignment in comments_helper.rb - JuanitoFatas

  • Minor improvement to Danger.gem_path - JuanitoFatas


Full Changelog

  • Fixes for danger.import_dangerfile "org/repo" - orta re:#487


Full Changelog

  • Show appropriate error message when GitHub repo was moved - KrauseFx
  • danger plugins json [gem] will now give gem metadata too - orta
  • Crash fix for bundle exec danger - hanneskaeufler
  • Fix Buildkite repo slug URL generation - phillfarrugia
  • Added support for Bitrise - kylejm
  • Set LANG variable to en_US.UTF-8 before running git commands - bogren


Full Changelog

  • Add mr_diff/pr_diff for Danger::DangerfileGitLabPlugin - K0nserv
  • Fixes a bug where danger wouldn't work on Jenkins when setup with the GitHub Pull Request Builder plugin - vittoriom


Full Changelog

  • Spelling and grammar fixes. - connorshea
  • More crash fixes for danger local, maybe we need more tests here - orta


Full Changelog

  • Crash fix for danger local - hanneskaeufler


Full Changelog

  • GitLab support - k0nserv / deanpcmad / hjanuschka

    This started back in February, and is now shipping. Documentation has been updated on the Getting Started for those interested in the setup.

    This adds a new object to the DSL, gitlab which offers the following API:

    gitlab.mr_title # The title of the Merge Request
    gitlab.mr_body # The body text of the Merge Request
    gitlab.mr_author # The username of the author of the Merge Request
    gitlab.mr_labels # The labels assigned to the Merge Request
    gitlab.branch_for_merge # The branch to which the MR is going to be merged into
    gitlab.base_commit # The base commit to which the MR is going to be merged as a parent
    gitlab.head_commit # The head commit to which the MR is requesting to be merged from
    gitlab.mr_json # The hash that represents the MR's JSON
    gitlab.api # Provides access to the GitLab API client used inside Danger
    gitlab.html_link (paths: String or Array, full_path=true: Bool) # Returns a list of HTML anchors for a file, or files in the head repository.

    A lot of thanks for the GitLab team also, who helped handle updates for one of our dependencies.

  • Adapt CI Sources that support GitLab - k0nserv

  • BREAKING Removes the implicit Dangerfile support. - orta

    The implicit support was a feature that would check for an [org]/danger repo, and automatically parse that Dangerfile. Think it was a bit too magic, and the only person who I know is using it, said they think it should have been this way from the start. I'm cool with this.

    To handle the replacement, we've added a new object to the DSL. This is the danger API. It has two responsibilities at the moment, downloading a Dangerfile:

    danger.import_dangerfile = "artsy/danger"

    and importing local plugins:

    danger.import_plugin [path_or_url]

    Which the astute may have remembered used to be the purview of plugin.import. Which is now removed, in favour of the danger.import_plugin. Think there's more space for improvement inside the context of danger than plugin.

    I also removed - couldn't see a use for it inside a Dangerfile. Happy to change that, if it's being used it.

  • Rename DANGER_GITHUB_API_HOST to DANGER_GITHUB_API_BASE_URL. - k0nserv Using DANGER_GITHUB_API_HOST is still supported to preserve backwards compatibility, but using DANGER_GITHUB_API_BASE_URL is encouraged.


Full Changelog

  • Crash fix for danger init - marcelofabri


Full Changelog

  • Lols, more Circle CI stuff, and importantly - more documentation - orta


Full Changelog

  • Improve detection of PR content on CircleCI. - jamtur01


Full Changelog

  • Improve detection of Buildkite's PR context - cysp
  • An attempt at fixing a misalignment with what Danger says is inside the diff range, and what people have seen #160 #316 - orta/yimingtang/jamtur01/segiddins
  • Copyedit the README and vision statement - suchow


Full Changelog

  • Improvements to danger init - orta
  • Circle CI validation improvements - orta


Full Changelog

  • Adds danger-junit to the danger/danger repo, requiring changes to the plugin testing systems - orta
  • Improves the "is a shared Dangerfile from the Danger Repo" check #366 - orta
  • Replaces redcarpet through kramdown to avoid jruby foo - LeFnord


Full Changelog

  • Refactors the CI Source init, and verification section - orta
  • Adds a danger systems ci_docs command that outputs the CI sources and their docs - orta
  • Merges some of the work on splitting the request source done in #299 - orta, who merged k0nserv's work.
  • Add git.diff_for_file("some/file.txt") to get a Git::Diff::DiffFile - dbgrandi
  • Improves the default file resolves for all the danger plugins commands, it will now work with a new plugin by default. - orta
  • \n now works in HTML tables - marcelofabri
  • You can now pass full_path: false to github.html_link("/path/file.txt", full_path: false) to have it only show the filename. - orta
  • danger plugins readme shows attributes correctly. - orta


Full Changelog

  • Updates the danger init template to 2.0 syntax - orta


Full Changelog

  • BREAKING Removes a lot of top-level attributes in the DSL, moving them into scoped plugins - orta

Full list of changes:

# Git Stuff
modified_files -> git.modified_files
added_files -> git.added_files
deleted_files -> git.deleted_files
lines_of_code -> git.lines_of_code
deletions -> git.deletions
insertions -> git.insertions
commits -> git.commits

# GitHub Stuff
pr_title ->  github.pr_title
pr_body -> github.pr_body
pr_author -> github.pr_author
pr_labels -> github.pr_labels
branch_for_base -> github.branch_for_base
branch_for_head -> github.branch_for_head
base_commit -> github.base_commit
head_commit -> github.head_commit
env.request_source.pr_json -> github.pr_json
env.request_source.api -> github.api

# Importing Stuff
import -> plugin.import

The main reason for this is that we can support many code review APIs without having to fudge the Dangerfile DSL to make them conform to GitHub standards. This would mean a gitlab user could write gitlab.mr_author to access the author once #229 lands.

It also ensures that Danger's plugins are treated like external plugins. This means any work going into improving core plugins (via documentation or automation for example) will improve the upcoming plugin community.

I don't like breaking backwards compatibility. Sorry, for as far as I can see at this point, this is the only one Danger needs.

  • add pr_diff exposing the unified diff for the PR to the GitHub plugin - champo
  • Improvements to the linter and the JSON output for plugin docs - orta
  • Add html_link to the GitHub plugin - marcelofabri I don't like breaking backwards comparability. Sorry, for as far as I can see at this point, this is the only one Danger needs.
  • add pr_diff exposing the unified diff for the PR to the Github plugin - champo
  • Improvements to the linter, readme generator and the JSON output for plugin docs - orta


Full Changelog

  • Add danger local --pry, which drops into a Pry shell after eval-ing the Dangerfile - dbgrandi


Full Changelog

  • Improves wording when failing a OSS build - orta

  • Add support for org-wide Dangerfile -- KrauseFx

    • To use this, create a repo on your GitHub organization called "danger" (or "Danger")
    • Add a Dangerfile to the root of that repo.
    • This new Dangerfile is ran after current repo's Dangerfile.

    The org Dangerfile will have access to all of the same plugins, and metadata. For an example, see:

  • Breaking: import_url does not append .rb to your url anymore. - KrauseFx

  • Minor core documentation updates - orta

  • danger plugin lint now says it's failed when it's failed, not when it succeeds - orta

  • Fixes to the markdown support in warn, fail and message - orta

  • Add http caching for Github API calls when running danger local - dbgrandi


Full Changelog

  • Danger no longer relies on the GNU utilities and can run on Windows - henriwatson
  • danger plugins lint is a linter - orta
  • danger plugins json will show you the JSON output of your docs - orta


Full Changelog

  • danger plugin is removed in favor of danger plugins - dbgrandi/orta
    • danger plugin lint is now danger plugins lint
    • danger plugin readme is now danger plugins readme
  • use claide-plugins gem to provide plugin management - dbgrandi
    • extends claide-plugins gem with list, search, create commands
    • list is the default command for danger plugins
    • list shows all plugins
    • search let's you search with a regexp
    • create uses to bootstrap a new danger plugin
  • Warn users not to store GitHub tokens in the repository -- dantoml
  • Crash on load fix for danger plugins readme -- orta
  • Add support for Surf CI ( -- paulcbetts
  • danger plugins lint contains more information - orta
  • Make link instructions in onboarding OS aware -- K0nserv


Full Changelog

  • Converts the message link to be - orta
  • Fix danger lib lint with no params not finding the plugin paths - orta
  • Converts "" usage to '' where possible -- dantoml
  • More documentation params are exposed to the linter - orta
  • Documentation audit - orta
  • Use proper commits for calculating diff.
  • Update environment variables used by Buildkite - bentrengrove


Full Changelog

  • Initial work on danger plugin lint command - orta
  • danger plugin lint can run with either:
    • a list of file paths
    • a list of gems
    • no arguments, which will parse lib/**/**/* to lint your local plugins
  • Moved new plugin to danger plugin new - orta
  • Added api to the DSL, which is a shortcut to the active Octokit::Client - orta
  • Renamed branch_for_merge to branch_for_base and also added branch_for_head - orta
  • Initial work on namespacing existing plugins - orta
  • Notify the user to add the new GitHub account as collaborator to Close Source project
  • Fixes a problem running danger local due to a missing dependency on yard - ashfurrow
  • Improvements for CircleCI CI detection - orta


Full Changelog

  • Fix updating of the commit status after danger check. - justMaku
  • Relies on the current git HEAD, instead of pulling a merge branch from GitHub - justMaku
  • Use Cork for console output. - DanToml
  • Print a list of results, instead of a table. - DanToml


Full Changelog

  • Support multiple Danger instances with --dangerId - marcelofabri
  • Add base request source so services other than GitHub could be used with Danger. - justMaku
  • Don't validate CI sources that don't expose all required environment variables. - justMaku
  • Add support for TeamCity CI - rbuussyghin


Full Changelog

  • Fix Ruby 2.0 support - segiddins


Full Changelog

  • Considerable under-the-hood changes around the DSL, shouldn't affect end-user Dangerfiles though - orta
  • Fix for danger local crash due to ^ - dbgrandi
  • Add support for Drone CI - gabro
  • [BREAKING] Add initial support for more expressive and documented plugins. Breaks all existing plugins. - dbgrandi/orta
  • All core DSL attributes are handled via Danger Plugins - orta
  • Initial work on the Plugin -> JSON mapper - orta
  • Add support for Semaphore CI - starsirius
  • Add Ruby 2.3 support - segiddins
  • Allow Dangerfile path to be configured - gabro


Full Changelog

  • Adds the ability to specify a PR number in danger local - orta
  • Ensures local branches are set up with danger local - orta
  • Add commits for the Git SCM source - segiddins


Full Changelog

  • Minor danger init typo fixes - orta + danger
  • Added support for CLAide-based plugins - segiddins


Full Changelog

  • Auto follow of remote plugin URL redirects - KrauseFx
  • Adding XcodeServer provider - antondomashnev


Full Changelog

  • Hotfix: import of plugins didn't work depending on alphabetical order - KrauseFx


Full Changelog

  • Added support for local plugins - KrauseFx
  • Added support for remote plugins - KrauseFx
  • Added new danger new_plugin command to create plugins in the fastlane - KrauseFx
  • Added printing of table summaries after running danger - KrauseFx
  • Refactored all plugins to be classes instead of methods - KrauseFx
  • Added auto-import of local plugins - KrauseFx
  • Resolved issues are now crossed out by Danger - marcelofabri
  • Added new markdown command to Danger DSL - KrauseFx
  • Added new modified_files.include?("rakelib/*_stats.rake") file globbing support - KrauseFx


Full Changelog

  • Enterprise GitHub support - dbgrandi
  • Use branches for comparison, not commits - orta
  • Breaking: DSL change files_* to *_files for readability - jeroenvisser101


Full Changelog

  • Added internal plugin system - KrauseFx
  • Refactored unit tests - KrauseFx
  • Fixed issue when PR Title or PR body is nil - KrauseFx
  • Added support for git://-prefixed url as remote - jeroenvisser101
  • Added comment based violation suppression - marcelofabri


Full Changelog

  • Typo fixes for danger init - lumaxis


Full Changelog

  • Fixes for danger init - krausefx


Full Changelog

  • New: Converted danger init into a wizard for setting up Danger, walking you though tokens/ci - orta
  • Breaking: files_removed to files_deleted ( to be more consistent with git's terminology. ) - orta
  • Revised underlying git tooling for generating file/diff metadata - orta
  • re-revise underlying git tooling to not use something based on libgit2 - orta
  • Set CHANGELOG merge strategy to union - marcelofabri
  • Remove nap dependency - marcelofabri
  • Show command summary in help - marcelofabri
  • Use 100% width tables for messages - marcelofabri


Full Changelog

  • Adding Jenkins provider - marcelofabri
  • Add a danger local command to test your current Dangerfile against the last PR merged on the repo - orta
  • Calling CircleCI API when CI_PULL_REQUEST is not set - marcelofabri
  • Look inside PR JSON for the commit range (instead of getting from CI providers) - marcelofabri
  • Adds pr_labels to DSL - marcelofabri
  • Makes the CircleCI provider validate, but not run on non-PR builds - orta
  • Take the git before...after references out of ENV vars from CI providers - orta
  • Fixes CircleCI when dealing with URLs like - orta
  • Ensure all comments are downloaded, previously it was capped at 30 - orta
  • Attach commit metadata to the message invisibly - orta
  • On danger/danger we now fail if there's no changelog entry - orta
  • Moved to an org [feb 9]
  • Adds support for Circle CI on danger/danger


Full Changelog

  • Edits an existing ticket rather than making a new one - orta


Full Changelog

  • Support making comments on a GitHub PR - Felix
  • Use GitHub status API to provide extra info on a PR - Felix
  • DRY the HTML comment - orta
  • Don't show a message if there are not warnings/errors - orta


Full Changelog

  • Parses a Dangerfile - orta
  • Gets GitHub details from Travis & CircleCI - orta
  • Gets PR details from GitHub - orta
  • Gets Git details from local Git - orta
  • Fails when you say it's failed in the Dangerfile - orta
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