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danger design

Design Work and Media Kit for DangerJS and Danger Ruby, licensed as MIT by Orta Therox. Except the fonts Prodotto In Cina and Horta, which isn't mine and comes with it's own weird README/LICENSE.



The key font is Horta, which is available for free here.


The DangerJS logo is a tad tricky, strictly speaking the logo is a mask applied to different images. These all come from the twitter bot CloudyConway by Vexorian.

Danger Logo @2x

and without a tagline, in a higher quality

Danger Logo @2x

Also, here are a series of logos that I've enjoyed:

Danger Logo @2x

Danger Logo @2x

Danger Logo @2x

You're welcome to also use the current logo from the homepage, and download to re-use.

On the other hand, if you just want a hosted Danger JS Logo, this URL:

You have no guarantee what this image will look like in the future, so that's fun ;)

Danger Logo without custom cachbusting

I dont have a square logo yet.



The key font is Prodotto In Cina, which is available for free here. It is also embedded inside this repo in the fonts folder.

Keynote file

The keynote file for this "Danger in 15m" talk is inside the keynote. It's not perfect, it wasn't made for sharing initially, and it might be out of date. However, if you improve the template I'd love a PR improving it.


Danger Hero Shot@2x


White on Green: Danger Logo @2x

White on Transparent: Danger Logo White@2x

Black on Transparent: Danger Logo Black@2x

Square Logo

Danger Square Logo@2x

Fancy moving BG

Danger Moving Bg