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Why Bother?

Hosted Danger means being able to think about GitHub's webhook system as something trivial to build upon to make your own workflows.

Hosted Danger comes with a few interesting aspects:

  • Installation can literally be a single click on the website.

  • Because Peril is not running Danger on CI, Danger can run against any webhook.

  • Simpler security model:

    • no need to consider scope for tokens
    • no need to ensure bot has access to repo
    • no need to ensure token isn't leaked

I've wanted to do this for a long, long time and the re-write aspect of Danger JS means that I could apply the constraints necessary for running hosted from day-1.

Minimum Viable Peril

Peril started in 2016, and hopefully with launch in 2018. I have to eventually make a line in the sand and say, this is what we ship with. This is effectively the launch checklist.


  • Runs a Dangerfile with the Danger DSL on a PR event
  • Runs a Dangerfile with webhook issue on other events
  • Supports running async Dangerfiles easily
  • Supports safely evaluating code


  • Allows regular scheduling of a task
  • Allows scheduling of tasks in the future
  • Allows deciding what events you're interested in running code from
  • Allows storing ENV vars in a non-public way
  • Keeps the database representation up-to-date with the repo


  • Can see orgs I need to set up
  • Can see all the settings and keys for any orgs I'm in
  • Can trigger a dev mode to record webhooks
  • Can see the results of Danger runs inside the dashboard
  • Can run any task from the admin to verify


  • Can understand Peril in a single page
  • Can describe pricing
  • Can sign up for Peril
  • Can get to guides
  • Can get to tutorials
  • Can get set up simply