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import { GitHubInstallationSettings } from "./GitHubRepoSettings"
* Should look like one of the following:
* - "dangerfile.js"
* - "/path/to/dangerfile.ts"
* - "repo/slug@to/dangerfile.ts"
export type DangerfileReferenceString = string
* An event string would be something like:
* - "pull_request.*"
* - "pull_request.updated"
* - "ping"
* - "issue.*"
export type PerilEventString = string
/** An individual integration of Danger via Peril, this is like the org */
export interface GitHubInstallation extends PerilInstallationSettings {
// Not these settings are things added by Peril, and it's not expected
// that they are in the settings.json nor available to JSON-based hosts
/** The associated name of the installation owner */
login: string
/** An image url for the installation owner */
avatarURL: string
/** An image url for the installation owner */
envVars?: any
export interface PerilSettingsRepoJSON {
* In our DB this is represented as a JSON type, so you should anticipate have settings
* as a nullable type. These are the entire installation settings.
settings: GitHubInstallationSettings
/** Having rules in here would mean that it would happen on _any_ event, another JSON type in the DB */
rules: RunnerRuleset
* Scheduled tasks to run using a human readable syntax. This runs from a set of standard hooks
* which will trigger running a task. The current hooks (may be out of date, see `InstallationSchedulerKeys` in
* the codebase) are "hourly", "daily", "weekly", "monday-morning-est", "tuesday-morning-est",
* "wednesday-morning-est", "thursday-morning-est", "friday-morning-est"
* "scheduler" : {
* "daily": "daily-license-check",
* "weekly": "cleanup-stale-issues"
* }
scheduler: TaskObject
* Individual tasks which a Peril can schedule, either via the Dangerfile API or via the
* scheduler object. These keys are used by the scheduler in the settings JSON, and can be used
* to trigger a job to occur in the future via `peril.scheduleTask` in a Dangerfile.
* "tasks" : {
* "message-slack-dev-channel": "tasks/slackDevChannel.ts",
* "daily-license-check": "tasks/dailyLicenseCheck.ts",
* "standup": ["tasks/checkForOpenRFCs.ts", "tasks/checkForNewRepos.ts"],
* }
tasks: RunnerRuleset
* A set of repos and their additional event hooks, these are
* in addition to the ones provided by `"rules"` which are applied
* to every repo.
* "repos" : {
* "orta/ORStackView": {
* "issue.created": "orta/peril@lock_issues.ts"
* }
* }
repos: UniqueRepoRuleset
/** An individual integration of Danger via Peril, this is like the org */
export interface PerilInstallationSettings extends PerilSettingsRepoJSON {
* The ID Integration, this is used when talking to GitHub mainly, but is used
* as a unique ID in our db
iID: number
* The path to the settings repo and json file
* e.g. danger/peril-settings@settings.json
* Filled in automatically when using JSON db, and
* is the initial string when working in the public mode
perilSettingsJSONURL: DangerfileReferenceString
* Slack URL that Peril can send system messages to
installationSlackUpdateWebhookURL: string | undefined
export interface UniqueRepoRuleset {
[name: string]: RunnerRuleset
/** The available keys for scheduling a task against */
export type InstallationSchedulerKeys =
| "hourly"
| "daily"
| "weekly"
| "monday-morning-est"
| "tuesday-morning-est"
| "wednesday-morning-est"
| "thursday-morning-est"
| "friday-morning-est"
type TaskObject = { [P in InstallationSchedulerKeys]?: string }
export interface RunnerRuleset {
[name: string]: DangerfileReferenceString | DangerfileReferenceString[]
export interface GithubRepo {
/** The installation that this repo is connected to */
installationID: number
/** The full name of the slug for this repo, note these could not be unique (GitHub Enterprise?) */
fullName: string
/** Runner rules ID reference, another JSON type in the DB */
rules: RunnerRuleset
export interface DatabaseAdaptor {
/** A once per server start setup function */
setup: () => Promise<void>
/** Gets an integrations settings */
getInstallation: (installationID: number) => Promise<GitHubInstallation | null>
/** Updates an integrations settings */
updateInstallation: (installationID: number) => Promise<GitHubInstallation | null>
/** Saves an Integration */
saveInstallation: (installation: GitHubInstallation) => Promise<GitHubInstallation>
/** Deletes the operation */
deleteInstallation: (installationID: number) => Promise<void>
/** Gets an integrations settings */
getSchedulableInstallationsWithKey: (key: string) => Promise<GitHubInstallation[]>