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;; Copyright (C) 2008 Shawn Betts
;; This file is part of stumpwm.
;; stumpwm is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; stumpwm is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this software; see the file COPYING. If not, see
;; <>.
;; Commentary:
;; Implementation of an interactive menu.
;; Code:
;;; interactive menu
(in-package #:stumpwm)
(export '(select-from-menu
(defvar *menu-map* nil
"The keymap used by the interactive menu.")
(when (null *menu-map*)
(setf *menu-map*
(let ((m (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key m (kbd "C-p") 'menu-up)
(define-key m (kbd "Up") 'menu-up)
(define-key m (kbd "S-Up") 'menu-scroll-up)
(define-key m (kbd "SunPageUp") 'menu-page-up)
(define-key m (kbd "C-n") 'menu-down)
(define-key m (kbd "Down") 'menu-down)
(define-key m (kbd "S-Down") 'menu-scroll-down)
(define-key m (kbd "SunPageDown") 'menu-page-down)
(define-key m (kbd "DEL") 'menu-backspace)
(define-key m (kbd "C-g") 'menu-abort)
(define-key m (kbd "ESC") 'menu-abort)
(define-key m (kbd "RET") 'menu-finish)
(defstruct menu-state
unfiltered-table table filter-pred prompt selected view-start view-end
(current-input (make-array 10 :element-type 'character :adjustable t :fill-pointer 0)))
(defun menu-scrolling-required (menu)
(and *menu-maximum-height*
(> (length (menu-state-table menu))
(defun menu-height (menu)
(let ((len (length (menu-state-table menu))))
(min (or *menu-maximum-height* len) len)))
(defun menu-prompt-visible (menu)
(or (menu-state-prompt menu)
(> (length (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)))
(defun bound-check-menu (menu)
"Adjust the menu view and selected item based
on current view and new selection."
(let ((len (length (menu-state-table menu))))
;; Wrap around
(setf (menu-state-selected menu)
(cond ((< (menu-state-selected menu) 0) (1- len))
((>= (menu-state-selected menu) len) 0)
(t (menu-state-selected menu))))
(setf (values (menu-state-view-start menu)
(menu-state-view-end menu))
(if (zerop len)
(values 0 0)
(let* ((menu-height (menu-height menu))
(sel (menu-state-selected menu))
(start (- sel 1))
(end (+ sel menu-height -1)))
(start end) (cond ((< start 0) (values 0 menu-height))
((> end len) (values (- len menu-height) len))
(t (values start end)))
(assert (<= 0 start (- len menu-height)) (start))
(assert (<= menu-height end len) (end))
(values start end)))))))
(defun menu-up (menu)
(setf (fill-pointer (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)
(decf (menu-state-selected menu))
(bound-check-menu menu))
(defun menu-down (menu)
(setf (fill-pointer (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)
(incf (menu-state-selected menu))
(bound-check-menu menu))
(defun menu-scroll-up (menu)
(setf (fill-pointer (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)
(decf (menu-state-selected menu) *menu-scrolling-step*)
(bound-check-menu menu))
(defun menu-scroll-down (menu)
(setf (fill-pointer (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)
(incf (menu-state-selected menu) *menu-scrolling-step*)
(bound-check-menu menu))
(defun menu-page-up (menu)
(when *menu-maximum-height* ;;No scrolling = no page up/down
(setf (fill-pointer (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)
(decf (menu-state-selected menu) *menu-maximum-height*)
(let ((*menu-scrolling-step* *menu-maximum-height*))
(bound-check-menu menu))))
(defun menu-page-down (menu)
(when *menu-maximum-height*
(setf (fill-pointer (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)
(incf (menu-state-selected menu) *menu-maximum-height*)
(let ((*menu-scrolling-step* *menu-maximum-height*))
(bound-check-menu menu))))
(defun menu-finish (menu)
(throw :menu-quit (nth (menu-state-selected menu) (menu-state-table menu))))
(defun menu-abort (menu)
(declare (ignore menu))
(throw :menu-quit nil))
(defun get-input-char (key)
"If @var{key} is a character suitable for menu completion (e.g. not
backspace or F9), return it otherwise return nil"
(let ((char (xlib:keysym->character *display* (key-keysym key))))
(if (or (key-mods-p key) (null char)
(not (characterp char)))
(defun menu-element-name (element)
(if (listp element)
(first element)
(defun menu-backspace (menu)
(when (> (fill-pointer (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)
(vector-pop (menu-state-current-input menu))
(check-menu-complete menu nil)))
(defun check-menu-complete (menu key-seq)
"If the user entered a key not mapped in @var{*menu-map}, check if
he's trying to type an entry's name. Match is case insensitive. If
@var{key-seq} is nil, some other function has manipulated the
current-input and is requesting a re-computation of the match."
(let ((input-char (and key-seq (get-input-char key-seq))))
(when input-char
(vector-push-extend input-char (menu-state-current-input menu)))
(when (or input-char (not key-seq))
(labels ((match-p (table-item)
(funcall (menu-state-filter-pred menu)
(car table-item)
(second table-item)
(menu-state-current-input menu))))
(setf (menu-state-table menu) (remove-if-not #'match-p (menu-state-unfiltered-table menu))
(menu-state-selected menu) 0)
(bound-check-menu menu)))
(cl-ppcre:ppcre-syntax-error ()))))
(defun menu-item-matches-regexp (item-string item-object user-input)
"The default filter predicate for SELECT-FROM-MENU. When using this
predicate, an item is visible when it matches all of the regular
expressions in USER-INPUT (multiple regexps are separated by one or
more spaces; ARGUMENT-POP is used to split the string)."
(match-all-regexps user-input item-string))
(defun select-from-menu (screen table &optional (prompt "Search:")
(initial-selection 0)
(filter-pred #'menu-item-matches-regexp))
"Prompt the user to select from a menu on SCREEN. TABLE can be
a list of values or an alist. If it's an alist, the CAR of each
element is displayed in the menu. What is displayed as menu items
must be strings.
EXTRA-KEYMAP can be a keymap whose bindings will take precedence
over the default bindings.
FILTER-PRED should be a a function returning T when a certain menu
item should be visible to the user. It should accept arguments
ITEM-STRING (the string shown to the user), ITEM-OBJECT (the object
corresponding to the menu item), and USER-INPUT (the current user
input). The default is MENU-ITEM-MATCHES-REGEXP.
Returns the selected element in TABLE or nil if aborted. "
(check-type screen screen)
(check-type table list)
(check-type prompt (or null string))
(check-type initial-selection integer)
(when table
(let* ((*record-last-msg-override* t)
(*suppress-echo-timeout* t)
(menu (make-menu-state
:unfiltered-table table
:table table
:filter-pred filter-pred
:prompt prompt
:view-start 0
:view-end 0
:selected initial-selection))
(keymap (if extra-keymap
(list extra-keymap *menu-map*)
(list *menu-map*))))
(bound-check-menu menu)
(catch :menu-quit
(with-focus (screen-key-window screen)
(let* ((sel (menu-state-selected menu))
(start (menu-state-view-start menu))
(end (menu-state-view-end menu))
(len (length (menu-state-table menu)))
(prompt-line (when (menu-prompt-visible menu)
(format nil "~@[~A ~]~A"
prompt (menu-state-current-input menu))))
(strings (mapcar #'menu-element-name
(subseq (menu-state-table menu)
start end)))
(highlight (- sel start)))
(unless (zerop start)
(setf strings (cons "..." strings))
(incf highlight))
(unless (= len end)
(setf strings (nconc strings '("..."))))
(when prompt-line
(push prompt-line strings)
(incf highlight))
(echo-string-list screen strings highlight))
(multiple-value-bind (action key-seq) (read-from-keymap keymap)
(if action
(progn (funcall action menu)
(bound-check-menu menu))
(check-menu-complete menu (first key-seq))))))