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;;; workarounds for bugs in clx
(in-package :xlib)
;;; CLISP can't handle non-compliant (and even compliant) wm-class strings. See
;;; test-wm-class in test-wm.lisp.
;; This redefines decod-wm-size-hints in clisp because "It seems clisp
;; tries to be sneaky and represent the min and max aspect ratios as a
;; ratio number, which works except when the 0/0 is how you specify
;; that there is no aspect ratio, as mplayer/mpv/mplayer2 does."
(defun decode-wm-size-hints (vector)
(declare (type (or null (simple-vector *)) vector))
(declare (values (or null wm-size-hints)))
(when vector
(let ((flags (aref vector 0))
(hints (make-wm-size-hints)))
(declare (type card16 flags)
(type wm-size-hints hints))
(setf (wm-size-hints-user-specified-position-p hints) (logbitp 0 flags))
(setf (wm-size-hints-user-specified-size-p hints) (logbitp 1 flags))
(setf (wm-size-hints-program-specified-position-p hints)
(logbitp 2 flags))
(setf (wm-size-hints-program-specified-size-p hints) (logbitp 3 flags))
(when (logbitp 4 flags)
(setf (wm-size-hints-min-width hints) (aref vector 5)
(wm-size-hints-min-height hints) (aref vector 6)))
(when (logbitp 5 flags)
(setf (wm-size-hints-max-width hints) (aref vector 7)
(wm-size-hints-max-height hints) (aref vector 8)))
(when (logbitp 6 flags)
(setf (wm-size-hints-width-inc hints) (aref vector 9)
(wm-size-hints-height-inc hints) (aref vector 10)))
(when (logbitp 7 flags)
(setf (wm-size-hints-min-aspect hints) (ignore-errors (/ (aref
vector 11) (aref vector 12)))
(wm-size-hints-max-aspect hints) (ignore-errors (/ (aref
vector 13) (aref vector 14)))))
(when (> (length vector) 15)
;; This test is for backwards compatibility since old Xlib programs
;; can set a size-hints structure that is too small. See ICCCM.
(when (logbitp 8 flags)
(setf (wm-size-hints-base-width hints) (aref vector 15)
(wm-size-hints-base-height hints) (aref vector 16)))
(when (logbitp 9 flags)
(setf (wm-size-hints-win-gravity hints)
(decode-type (member :unmap :north-west :north :north-east :west
:center :east :south-west :south
:south-east :static)
(aref vector 17)))))
;; Obsolete fields
(when (or (logbitp 0 flags) (logbitp 2 flags))
(setf (wm-size-hints-x hints) (aref vector 1)
(wm-size-hints-y hints) (aref vector 2)))
(when (or (logbitp 1 flags) (logbitp 3 flags))
(setf (wm-size-hints-width hints) (aref vector 3)
(wm-size-hints-height hints) (aref vector 4)))