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menu.lisp: Don't display a blank prompt.

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1 parent 17a9320 commit c5ad9ae36b42bec694d400abfbea436808ac9b6a @dangerousben committed Mar 24, 2016
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  1. +10 −5 menu.lisp
@@ -66,6 +66,10 @@
(let ((len (length (menu-state-table menu))))
(min (or *menu-maximum-height* len) len)))
+(defun menu-prompt-visible (menu)
+ (or (menu-state-prompt menu)
+ (> (length (menu-state-current-input menu)) 0)))
(defun bound-check-menu (menu)
"Adjust the menu view and selected item based
on current view and new selection."
@@ -223,20 +227,21 @@ Returns the selected element in TABLE or nil if aborted. "
(start (menu-state-view-start menu))
(end (menu-state-view-end menu))
(len (length (menu-state-table menu)))
- (prompt-line (format nil "~@[~A ~]~A"
- prompt (menu-state-current-input menu)))
+ (prompt-line (when (menu-prompt-visible menu)
+ (format nil "~@[~A ~]~A"
+ prompt (menu-state-current-input menu))))
(strings (mapcar #'menu-element-name
(subseq (menu-state-table menu)
start end)))
- (num-items (- end start))
(highlight (- sel start)))
(unless (zerop start)
(setf strings (cons "..." strings))
(incf highlight))
(unless (= len end)
(setf strings (nconc strings '("..."))))
- (setf strings (cons prompt-line strings))
- (incf highlight)
+ (when prompt-line
+ (push prompt-line strings)
+ (incf highlight))
(echo-string-list screen strings highlight))
(multiple-value-bind (action key-seq) (read-from-keymap keymap)
(if action

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