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Dev Week 2017 Hackathon App 2

A Flock app to that interacts with postmates. Built using FlockOS and its node.js sdk.

This app is a slash command bot that allows users to order food from postmates,

Download and Installation

git clone
cd FlockOS--Postmates-Bot
npm install

Getting Started

You will need an HTTPS endpoint for your app that is publicly available. To do this I used ngrok.

Take note of the public HTTPS endpoint for your app provided by ngrok. You will need this while configuring the app in the steps below.

Create your app in the developer dashboard. After creating the app, provide the following in the advanced info section:

  • Event listener URL -- your app will receive events on this URL. Set this to https://<your-ngrok-endpoint>/events.

  • Slash command -- configure your slash command. Set the name of the command to scrap (or anything else to your liking -- here we assume that this is what you've used). Provide a description and select the action "Send to event listener".

  • Chat tab button -- Provide a tooltip text, select action "Open widget", and desktop type to "Sidebar". Set the action URL to https://<your-ngrok-endpoint>/order-postmates.

    • Bot -- Turn this on you, it will generate a Bot Id and Token which we will use later on `.

Save your changes. After saving them, you will be provided with your app id and app secret (click "Show" next to the app secret to see it).

Go back to your repository root, and create a file called config.js with the following info:

module.exports = {
    port: 8080           // this is the default
    appId: '<app id>',
    appSecret: '<app secret>',
    botUserId: '<bot user id>',
    botToken: '<bot token>',
    endpoint: '<your-ngrok-endpoint>'

endpoint is the publicly available endpoint for your app.

Now start the app:

node index.js

To test the app, you need to install it into your account. You can install the app by clicking on the "Install" button on the app page in the developer dashboard. Make sure the app is running when you click on "Install". For details, see How do I install and test my app?.

How it works

The app listens for these two events on the event listener URL i.e. https://<your-public-endpoint>/events:

  • app.install -- on receiving this event, the app saves the user id and token in an in-memory database.

  • client.slashCommand -- on receiving this event, the app saves the scrap in an in-memory database. It also sends a message to all members of the conversation on behalf of the user that a new scrap has been created. To send the message, it uses the token received on app.install for each user who has installed the app.

After Installation

To test simply use the slash command '/order-postmates' in the intalled team


Dev Week 2017 Hackathon App 2






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