Awoo is a textboard engine based on the Sinatra micro-framework
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Awoo is a textboard engine based on the Sinatra micro-framework

You'll need the sinatra, sinatra-contrib, mysql2, and rerun gems, as well as a mysql server set up using the create.sql file.

Running sudo make install will make a user named awoo, copy src to /opt/awoo, set up your database and put a service file in /etc/systemd/system so you can run sudo systemctl start awoo to start the server on port 8080


To run tests, you'll need the server already running, you can adjust the host and port in src/test/generic_test.rb but it defaults to It will use the /test board and expects three janitors, test, who moderates /test and is not a moderator, test2, who moderates /test and IS a moderator, and test3, who does not moderate test

If you want to test against a production environment but are worried about security, you can change their passwords, the values used when logging in are pulled from config.json

The tests depend on the http-cookie gem

awoo in use

Todo List

  • On /ip/:addr, maybe let people select more than one board at a time to ban the IP from?