Provide a quick way to change directory from the command line
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Provides a quick way to change directory from the command line.

It's an improved version to which originally written by @jeroen janssens.

The improved points:

  • Provides a simple install or uninstall script;
  • Supports both GNU Linux and MAC OSX;
  • More smarter commands;
  • See #Usage for more information...

It's so small that everyone can understand it and then customize for yourself.


First install from github:

$ git clone
$ cd mark-directory
$ sh
$ source ~/.markrc

Then play it with following commands:

$ g /your/favorite/direcotry     # uh... just jump to the directory directly
$ s a-name-you-like              # save a mark with name 'a-name-you-like'
$ g                              # like `cd`, jump to your home
$ g -                            # like `cd -`, jump to last visited directory
$ g a-name-you-like              # jump to the marked directory based on the name  
$ g a-name                       # the same as above, the mark name will be expanded
$ p                              # list all predefined marks
$ d a-name-you-like              # delete the mark

You can use tab to complete the arguments if possible.


Jump command

Syntax: jump [markname|directory]

Shortcuts: j, g

Description: jump to the directory based on the argument, which can be mark name or directory.

The later behavior like cd built-in command.

Mark command

Syntax: mark [markname]

Shortcuts: m, s

Description: create a mark for current directory.

Use current directory basename as mark name if the argument is not provided.

Unmark command

Syntax: unmark [markname]

Shortcuts: u, d

Description: delete the mark created before.

If you missing the mark name, this command will delete the mark name points to current directory.

List command

Syntax: marks

Shortcuts: l, p

Description: list all mark names.