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(団子子) A proxy over websocket

node.js^7.5.0 is required. Don't have?


npm i -g dangoco


dangocoClient [options]

#see --help for options

dangocoClient -s ws:// -u dango -p test --socksHost --socksPort 1080  -a aes-256-cfb
# --socksHost			start a client listening on for socks connections 
# --socksPort 1080
# -s ws://		and use ws:// as the proxy server
# -u dango -p test				the username is dango and the password is test
# -a aes-256-cfb				using an encryption algorithm aes-256-cfb cause it is an insecure connection
#								wss(websocket over https) is recommended,or the inspector may recognize your proxy(including url and websocket tunnel control frames)


dangocoServer [options]

#see --help for options

dangocoServer -u '[["dango","test"]]' -L
# -u '[["dango","test"]]'	set a json with users in it
# -L						display logs(for debug)
# the server listens on by default.You can set -h host -p port to specify it.

Supported protocol

  • TCP
  • UDP