Yahoo Fantasy Football Stats
Python R


Yahoo-ffl is a quick script to help download fantasy football stats from Yahoo. It's currently configured to do it using the Selenium webdriver and to retrieve the projected stats for the 2017 season. It should be straightforward to tweak the script to pull data for other league formats and settings. Pull requests to make it more flexible are welcome.

To get it working:

  • Install the selenium library (pip install -r requirements.txt)
  • Create a file containg your Yahoo username, password, and league id
  • Run the script using "python"
  • To test the script you can modify some of the constants (END_WEEK, PAGES_PER_WEEK) in order to make sure the data is correct.

Notes: Depending on your league scoring settings the scraper might not work as expected since the set of columns displayed on the page vary due to differences in league settings. In that case, you should be able to update the code in to come up with a new set of xpath expressions.

For those that are lazy, you can download the stats.csv file which contains the data pulled for the latest season using my league's PPR settings.