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@@ -73,8 +73,7 @@ a `.` or a `_`. (this can be changed via `Site.IGNORE`, see
all files ending with `_` or an transformer extension (`Config.transformers`)
are processed as **pages**. in that cases, the ending will be striped from
-the filename. (this can be changed via `Site.TRANSFORM`, see
-[extending growl](#extending_growl))
+the filename.
some directories begining with an `_` are special to growl:
@@ -208,16 +207,6 @@ growl to ignore all files begining with `.`, `_` and `foo`.
-### change which files will be transformed on site generation
-growl decides to transform files based on the end of the filename. per
-default, only files ending with an '_' are transformed. so modify
-`Site.TRANSFORM` in a hook to change this behaviour.
- Site.TRANSFORM += ('.xhtml', '.markdown2')
### define global template context content
simply add your content to `Site.CONTEXT` like these examples:

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