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This Apache Isis application demonstrates how to use the ApplicationTenancyEvaluator SPI service from the (non-ASF) Isis addons' security module, allowing a given user to have access to multiple disjoint sets of objects.

Domain model

The domain model is one of Concert objects, where each such concert has a corresponding committee to organize said concert. The members of the committee can be added and removed at runtime or defined when creating a new Concert object.

A user can be assigned to be a member of multiple committees, and can only the members of a concert’s organization committee should be able to view/modify the Concert.


This example was motivated by this question on the Apache Isis mailing list.

This demo app models the concept of an committee of a Concert as a security role, and the security role and the Concert are linked simply by the name of each. Thus, having the "easter2017" security role granted means that the user can view/edit the corresponding Concert object named "easter2017".


Logged in as bill:


Logged in as joe:



The implementation relies on this implementation of ApplicationTenancyEvaluator:

@DomainService(nature = NatureOfService.DOMAIN)
public class ApplicationTenancyEvaluatorForConcerts implements ApplicationTenancyEvaluator {
    public boolean handles(Class<?> cls) {
        return Concert.class.isAssignableFrom(cls);
    public String hides(Object domainObject, ApplicationUser applicationUser) {
        if (!(domainObject instanceof Concert)) {
            return null;
        final Concert concert = (Concert) domainObject;

        final Optional<ApplicationRole> roleIfAny =
                        .filter(role -> Objects.equals(role.getName(), concert.getName()))  (1)

        return roleIfAny.isPresent()? null: "Requires role " + concert.getName();
    public String disables(Object domainObject, ApplicationUser applicationUser) {
        return null;
  1. this is the important line, correlating the name of the ApplicationRole with the name of the Concert

How to run the Demo App

The prerequisite software is:

  • Java JDK 8 (>= 1.9.0) or Java JDK 7 (<= 1.8.0)

    • note that the compile source and target remains at JDK 7

  • maven 3 (3.2.x is recommended).

To build the demo app:

git clone .
mvn clean install

To run the demo app:

cd webapp
mvn jetty:run

You can log in with:

  • bill / pass - has access to the "easter2017" and "christmas2017" Concerts

  • joe / pass - has access to the "easter2017" and "summer2017" Concerts

  • isis-module-security-admin / pass - security administrator, can be used to grant/revoke roles