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@@ -13,14 +13,25 @@ It also has log functions 'n stuff. I was able to hit the ground running
on how the hell to do any of this thanks to Ryan Florence and his
limechat limescrips. [Check them out](
-To use it, clone the files and place them in your Themes directory. This
-is *probably* `~/Library/Application Support/LimeChat/Themes` but in
-case it isn't, open LimeChat's preferences and open it in Finder in the
-Theme tab.
+## Installation:
-Just make sure all three files (the `yaml`, `js` and `css`) are in the
-`Theme` directory, open preferences and then you can select the theme.
+Clone the theme into your Limechat themes folder. Below is the default but in
+case it isn't there, open LimeChat's preferences, go to the Theme tab, and _Open in Finder_.
-Screen here:
+cd ~/Library/"Application Support"/LimeChat/Themes
+git clone git://
+# set up symlinks so theme is visible
+ln -s chimelat/ChimeLat.yaml ChimeLat.yaml
+ln -s chimelat/ChimeLat.css ChimeLat.css
+ln -s chimelat/ChimeLat.js ChimeLat.js
+Then open preferences and then you can select the theme.
+## Screenshot:

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