A buildpack to install tmate to enable remote tmux sessions
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tmate tmux sharing buildpack

This buildpack will install tmate and then launch it, revealing the url to connect via ssh to gain access to the application container.


  • Create a folder, with a manifest.yml and add an arbitrary file (something for cf to upload)
  • Edit the manifest;
- name: <your_app_name>
  memory: 256M
  instances: 1
  host: <your_app_hostname>
  domain: cfapps.io
  path: .
  buildpack: https://github.com/danhigham/cloudfoundry-tmate-buildpack.git
  command: launch
  • Push it (cf push)

  • Retrieve the ssh url for your tmate session;

$ cf logs tmate-test --recent

2014-05-27T14:32:37.93-0700 [STG]     OUT -----> Uploading droplet (6.0M)
2014-05-27T14:32:43.26-0700 [DEA]     OUT Starting app instance (index 0) with guid c94f71bc-7077-4dca-a578-11cd5b9200d0
2014-05-27T14:32:44.88-0700 [App/0]   ERR 2014/05/27 21:32:44 Starting tmate...
2014-05-27T14:32:44.88-0700 [App/0]   ERR 2014/05/27 21:32:44 1000
2014-05-27T14:32:44.88-0700 [App/0]   ERR 2014/05/27 21:32:44 1000
2014-05-27T14:32:48.12-0700 [App/0]   ERR 2014/05/27 21:32:48 gd************DdV@ny.tmate.io

  • ssh to the tmate address
$ ssh gd************DdV@ny.tmate.io

Even better, hand the URL out to your friends and collaborate on a tmate session!

Be aware that when a participant exits the shell, the session is done. However, to start it again, just restart the app!

The launcher for tmate also connects http and reverse proxies it to port 8080, so if you have something running on that port, you can access it via the mapped route. I am going to also give the launcher the ability to launch another process too.