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Disable registration of new users

Léo Gaspard edited this page Apr 1, 2020 · 4 revisions

By default new users can register, if you want to disable that, set the SIGNUPS_ALLOWED env variable to false:

docker run -d --name bitwarden \
  -e SIGNUPS_ALLOWED=false \
  -v /bw-data/:/data/ \
  -p 80:80 \

Note: While users can't register on their own, they can still be invited by already registered users. See Disable invitations if you also want to disable that.

You can also disable registration except for email addresses from certain domains. For example:

  • (single domain)
  •,, (multiple domains)

You still need to set SIGNUPS_ALLOWED=false. Also, see #728 for caveats -- in particular, the emails are currently not checked, meaning that anyone could still register, by providing a fake email address that has the proper domain.

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