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bitwarden_rs only provides the API (server) side implementation, so users still rely on clients from upstream. (mobile apps, desktop apps and web Vault) This is a lot of work that is done upstream by 8bit Solutions LLC. At the same time bitwarden_rs supports some paid features and offers that functionality for free. This raises some questions about sustaining and supporting upstream development. Many users raised this issue and were asking how they can support upstream while using bitwarden_rs.


You can donate directly to the upstream development via PayPal.

Buying a licence

Many users just buy appropriate licence for their deployment and leave it unused. It's kind of a donation because bitwarden_rs can't use the licence in any way.

Help translating the apps

There are projects on Crowdin for each of the apps. If you're fluent in any language other than english, you can help translating the apps.

Testing, reporting bugs in clients

Please, always report any bugs found here first. Chances are these aren't upstream bugs, but bugs in our implementation or in your configuration. We don't want to waste Kyle's time troubleshooting bugs with 3rd party server. In very rare cases there is a bug upstream, but at this stage we would have any other reason ruled out and the bug confirmed on the upstream server. So the takeaway here is to not report bugs in upstream, but report it here instead even if you think it is client issue. We can work together to see where the problem is.

Helping other users in the community

There are lot of new users that sometimes struggle with basic stuff. Helping them is a great way to support the project. (and to grow the community) From my experience with community around bitwarden_rs, it's great to see people actually helping each other before I get to answer their question - it saves some time and I often end up learning something new. There's Bitwarden community on Reddit for example, there are also official forums.

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