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A fun Google Chrome extension that changes your cursor to a set of icons of your choosing.
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reCursor is a fun Google Chrome extension that customizes your cursor from a theme of your choosing! There are five different categories that each contain their own set of icons. Every time you click anywhere on your webpage, the cursor will change to a different icon from the set!


  • Download this repository and save it in a new folder.
  • Download the Google Chrome browser here.
  • Navigate to chrome://extensions in your Chrome browser.
  • Switch on Developer Mode in the top-right corner.
  • Click on the button labeled "Load Unpacked" located in the top-left section of the screen.
  • Choose the folder where the repository is located.
  • Navigate to any other tab, click the reCursor icon on your toolbar.
  • Pick a category in the pop-up window that appears from the extension.
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