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Marvel Comic Command Line App

Node.js command line application to retrieve Marvel comic character descriptions using the Marvel API


How It Works

  • Download latest version of Node.js, if needed
  • Download the Zip file of the project
  • Create a directory in the root project directory named config
  • Create a file called config.js inside the config directory
  • Sign up for a Marvel Developer account and get a public and private API key
  • Inside the config.js file declare and initialize a global variable called config and export the module as follows:
var config = {
	key_pub:  //public API key,
	key_priv: //private API key

module.exports = config;
  • Open terminal/command line to project directory
  • Enter node app.js and the name of one or more Marvel comic characters separated by a single space.
node app.js hulk
  • The app will retrieve the character description if a valid Marvel character name is entered.

Note: Character names with spaces have to be in double quotes.

App Preview

Preview of app showing results for Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and Hawkeye App preview showing results for Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and Hawkeye

Future Improvement Ideas

  • Review console-png for potential use with
  • Review node.js module chalk as an alternative to ANSI escape codes for string styling
  • Include a prompt to search multiple times without having to enter node app.js each time
  • Remove Marvel attribute on error message
  • Update error message with clearer descriptions regarding type of error (parse, connection, status code, etc)


Command line application to retreive comic information using the Marvel API built with Node.js



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