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F# - Why You Should Give an F

This is a repository that contains the slides and the sample code used in my F# presentation. Here's the abstract:

Are you a C# programmer that loves the power and fluency of libraries like LINQ and RX? Do you sometimes find it difficult to write your own expressive, clean, reliable and concurrent code? Have you looked at functional programming and been terrified by math symbols and scary sounding words like "monad" and "category theory"?

In this talk we'll introduce and discuss how to use F# and functional programming techniques to write that cleaner, more expressive and reliable code that you've always wanted; and we promise not to descend into crazy math symbols!

To compile the SQLClient type provider code, you’ll need to install the AdventureWorksLT sample database to your own SQL Server instance. You can download it from Codeplex under the name “AdventureWorksLT2012_Data”. You can follow this guide on how to attach the downloaded MDF file to SQL Server.

Video: Alt.NET Melbourne User Group


PowerPoint presentation for "F# - Why You Should Give an F" and the associated code.




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