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Welcome to the Git repo of OpenLEGO!

OpenLEGO stands for "Open-source Link between AGILE and OpenMDAO", which is just what it does. It links together two major efforts in the field of Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) which are both aming to make MDAO more readily applicable in the engineering industry.


OpenLEGO enables to user to combine the strengths of KADMOS and OpenMDAO. By using OpenLEGO the user can manipulate MDAO problems from a high, abstract level using KADMOS and then automatically generate and run an OpenMDAO problem from it.


The OpenLEGO package can be installed using the file provided in the root of this repo. Any required packages should automatically be installed alongside it.

The following packages are required by OpenLEGO:

OpenLEGO is also on PyPi, so it can also be installed simply using pip install openlego.


Check out the test cases in the openlego.test_suite.test_examples package included in this repo test get an idea of how OpenLEGO can be used.


OpenLEGO was originally developed by Daniël de Vries as part of his MSc thesis at the TU Delft. Feel free to post any feedback on the code, suggestions for new features, and general ideas.