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A second series of image effect shaders made in Unity.
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Image Effects Ultra

A second series of shaders made with Unity!


The previous series had a lot of positive feedback, so I've decided to make a second series full of brand new shaders! This series will branch out from those specifically found in SMO and explore a few absent from Snapshot Mode.

This series will be slightly different from the previous one. To cut down on complexity, I'll only include the completed shaders. Like last time, full explanations of the effects, alongside background history where applicable, will be found on

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Shaders Included

Several shader effects will be explored, including:

  • Fish-eye lens;

  • Underwater;

  • Mosaic;

  • Anaglyph (red-blue) 3D;

  • Cinematic;

  • Vignette;

  • Chromatic Aberration;

  • Colour Invert;

  • Colour channel separation;

  • Disintegration;

  • Holographic.

As before, auxiliary shaders and helper scripts will be included.

Scripts Included

This time, we will use Scriptable Objects to build our effects. There will be a single ImageEffects component to attach to objects, which accepts an image effect asset. We will build the scripts that drive those assets during the series.

In particular, there will be the inclusion of a CompositeEffect that makes it easier than before to include multiple shader effects to build complex effects. Completely custom effects will be easier to build than ever before!


This project makes use of the following assets. My huge thanks to their respective authors!


The project was created using Unity 2019.2.0f1, but it should be possible to upgrade or downgrade to other versions of Unity.


These shaders, and the corresponding tutorial series, were written by Daniel Ilett. Check out my website or support me on Patreon!


The shader collection will be released throughout October and November 2019.


This software is released under an MIT License.

Thanks for reading my tutorials!


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