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FlowListView for Xamarin.Forms PayPal donate button

ListView derivative with flowing, grid-like columns support.

NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/DLToolkit.Forms.Controls.FlowListView/


  • DataTemplate and DataTemplateSelector support
  • Fixed or automatic column count
  • Grouping support
  • Columns can expand to empty space (configurable)
  • Infinite loading, empty group cell, customzed number of columns per group support. (thanks to @rudacs)
  • ANY View can be used as a cell
  • All Xamarin.Forms platforms supported

Simple Example:


Add the following to your App.xaml.cs

public App()


<flv:FlowListView FlowColumnCount="3" SeparatorVisibility="None" HasUnevenRows="false"
	FlowItemTappedCommand="{Binding ItemTappedCommand}" FlowLastTappedItem="{Binding LastTappedItem}"
	FlowItemsSource="{Binding Items}" >

			<Label HorizontalOptions="Fill" VerticalOptions="Fill" 
				XAlign="Center" YAlign="Center" Text="{Binding Title}"/>


For other examples see sample app: FlowListView Examples (TIP: Clone repo, open the solution, build it and run sample app.)


How can I disable entire row highlighting when tapped?

Make a custom renderers for FlowListViewInternalCell in platforms specific projects which disable ListView row highlighting. Examples: Android iOS Windows

How can I have variable row height? (basing on content, different sizes for header and items)

Set HasUnevenRows property to true.

Why FlowListView isn't working in Release mode?

Sometimes (eg. if you're using XAML only views) linker may remove dlls needed by FlowListView. To avoid that use: FlowListView.Init() somewhere in your code.

Android: Getting exceptions when using Entry views

See: https://github.com/daniel-luberda/DLToolkit.Forms.Controls/issues/61