CAD for cases is a collection of tried and tested CAD files suitable for manufacturing cases. It is heavily biased towards laser cut acrylic cases for 96Boards products.
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CFC - CAD for cases

CAD for cases is a collection of tried and tested CAD files suitable for manufacturing cases. Initially there is a strong focus both on cases for 96Boards products and for manufacturing in laser cut acrylic.

Note that CAD for cases includes cases designed to conform to 96Boards specifications but none are not official 96Boards products.

See this blog post to read about the genesis of CAD for cases.

Cases for 96Boards Consumer Edition

Sandwich-style cases, which are extremely easy to manufacture with a laser cutter, are especially well suited as cases for 96Boards Consumer Edition. The Consumer Edition boards have lots of connectivity options making open side cases an attractive option. Additionally the specification allows additional heat sinking to be added to the underside of the board which exceeds the 3.4mm height limit. As it happens none of the announced boards take advantage of this option so cases with side panels are still an interesting option for the future.

96Boards CE combo-case with side panels

  • Simple case. This is a basic case for 96Boards Consumer Edition products. It consists of a single panel, 5mm larger on each side than the circuit board, that is suitable for use as either the top or bottom panel for a sandwich-style case. The panel has rounded corners and pre-cut mounting holes.

    CAD drawing

  • 100mm combo-case. This case is designed to fit into a 100x100mm panel, the smallest size offered by Seeed Studio). It contains the same cuts as the simple case, above, together with a second component that can be used as a half top. The half-top is offers much less protection to the main board but provides easy access to the LS connector and allows the 96Boards UART to be fitted easily. The half-top is essentially a free bonus extra for cutting services with a 100x100mm minimum panel size.

    CAD drawing

  • Side panels. These components can be stacked up to provide side panels for the case. If manufactured 2.5mm acrylic we need two underneath and three on top to get enough clearance to meet the spec. A 100x100 sheet yields 12 pieces although, in materials with a grain the yield will be 5 matched pairs plus 2 mismatched pieces (due to rotation to fit the last two components onto the panel).

    CAD drawing

    Be aware that the side panel components deviate somewhat from the physical specification. The spec. has a keep out radius of 2.5mm from the centre of the drill hole but, for strength, these components have a 3mm radius. Likewise the keep out area is strictly circular and does not extend to the edge of the PCB. Thus if the side panel components do not fit this does not imply the board is non-compliant.