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technion-LyX (Technion LyX Conspiracy)

Meeting on 26/6:

Dear fellow LyXers,

If you're like us, you love LyX, and wish you could do everything from it:

  • Write your papers with the conference style file
  • Collaborate with LaTeX-only people
  • Use it for a blog...

Problem: not everything works. Solution: report bugs and fix problems together, and eat pizza!

The plan on 26/6, 4 to 8 pm, in room 815 of the EE Mayer building:

  • Lightning talks. Currently planned (you are invited to show us anything cool and not well known also!):
  • How to write Feynman diagrams in LyX (Ronen)
  • Moving a paper back from LaTeX, before and after bug reports (Daniel)
  • A quick dev demo: how to report, find, solve and patch a simple bug that keeps a valid latex document from compiling under LyX.
  • 3-4 hours of joint hacking, bug reporting and whatever we want.

Later: Make a mailing list or forum for further discussion, a github project to share useful templates etc, and whatever else we find useful.

Before: Please forward to any other LyX user in the area, let us know if you want to give a demo or have any other ideas. Let us know if you are interested in general and coming this time in particular.

Daniel Vainsencher and Ronen Abravanel

Hackathon project ideas

  • Frequency based autocompletion (Lior Ella proposed, DanielV wants too!)
  • Better LaTeX error presentation (Ronen and DanielV)
  • Import unknown LaTeX environments as corresponding LyX layouts (DanielV)