A multi-user dungeon written in C++, designed to be as flexible for in game building as possible. In early pre-alpha.
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Muddy Reality Alpha 0.0001

So I need to write a proper readme file for this, but don't
have the time or umph at the moment.  This will have to stand
in.  This is a multi-user dungeon engine that's been in the works
for some time.  I've been meaning to open source it for about a 
year, but finally got around to it.  It has moved forward in
fits and starts when I have time.  And as a result is a little
disjointed in places where my coding style has changed in between
sessions.  It is also sorely lacking commenting.  I'll get around
to it, I swear.  

The general idea behind it was to create a MUD engine that was extraordinarily
customizable from with in the game itself, with minimal coding.  The idea
is also to make the world as realistic as is possible in a MUD environment
throught the application of various ideas.  Eventually I would love to see
environments that grow, age, are destructible, fully change.  I'm currently
wrestling with the problem of doing that while still allowing builders
the maximum amount of freedom to build their world.  I have tons of notes
that I will attempt to type up and add either to this readme or to the 
wiki so that anyone jumping in can get some idea of where I'm trying to go
with this.  You're welcome to use the telnet engine I've built here as
a base to go somewhere completely different if you like.  But any commits
to the Muddy Reality trunk will have to match my end vision.  

Anyway, I don't expect many people will actually read this until the engine has
more structure.  And who knows when that'll be, so.  These probably aren't the
droids you are looking for.  Move along. 

Daniel Bingham, 1/10/12