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Hi there! First off, thanks a million for thinking about contributing to Dictator. The community appreciates your time and effort.

Submitting patches

Whether you want to fix a bug or implement a new feature, the process is pretty much the same:

  1. Search existing issues; if you can't find anything related to what you want to work on, open a new issue so that you can get some initial feedback.
  2. Fork the repository.
  3. Push the code changes from your local clone to your fork.
  4. Open a pull request.

It doesn't matter if the code isn't perfect. The idea is to get it reviewed early and iterate on it.

If you're adding a new feature, please add one or more functional tests for it in the features/ directory. See below.

Lastly, please follow the WordPress Coding Standards.

Running and writing tests

Dictator uses functional tests, implemented using Behat and leveraging WP-CLI's testing framework. They are located in the features/ directory.

Before running the functional tests, you'll need to provision the testing environment. You can do so by running bash bin/ Behind the scenes, the script will install WP-CLI, Behat, create a MySQL database, etc.

To run the functional tests, you can use bash bin/ It routes the request to WP-CLI's Behat testing framework.


Thanks! Hacking on Dictator should be fun. If you find any of this hard to figure out, let us know so we can improve our process or documentation!

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