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distribute notebooks for users to copy via a web interface
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This is a Jupyter extension that shows a list of example notebooks that users can easily preview and copy for their own use.

The targeted application is a JupyterHub deployment, where it is useful to distribute a collection of curated examples or templates and make it possible for hub uses to quickly share examples.

A new "examples" page lists notebooks from some configured directory, showing a title and description gleaned from notebook metadata. For each notebook there are two buttons, "preview" and "use".

Examples are sorted into "reviewed," curated examples and "unreviewed" examples.

Adds an Examples Tab

Clicking "preview" shows a static HTML version of the notebook, optionally including some example output.

Clicking "use" opens a dialog box to prompt user for a filename or filepath (relative to their home dir).


On the notebook toolbar, a new "share as example" button (the "paper airplane" icon at right) submits the notebook to the list of "unreviewed" examples.

Share as Example button

Optionally, you can add a custom title and summary (as shown in the example) by editing the notebook metadata (Edit > Edit Notebook Metadata) and adding "title" and "summary" to the JSON. If these are not present, nbexamples displays the notebook's filepath instead.


  • notebook >=4.2
  • nbconvert
  • nbformat


Assuming you want to install the extension into a conda environment, virtual environment, or system-wide environment:

python install
jupyter nbextension install --py nbexamples --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension enable --py nbexamples --sys-prefix
jupyter serverextension enable --py nbexamples --sys-prefix


Set the location of the example notebooks to be distributed on the command line when starting Jupyter Notebook:

jupyter notebook --Examples.reviewed_example_dir='/opt/jupyter/examples/reviewed' \

Alternatively, set these values in a file in one of the config directories listed when you run jupyter --paths.

c.Examples.reviewed_example_dir = '/opt/jupyter/examples/reviewed'
c.Examples.unreviewed_example_dir = '/opt/jupyter/examples/unreviewed'

The intention is that unreviewed_examples is a globally-writable directory. Notebooks should be reviewed and promoted to a read-only reviewed_examples or eventually purged.


If you have conda installed, run the following to create and use an isolated dev environment.

make dev-env
source activate nbexamples-dev
make notebook

Any changes you make to the static assets (JS, CSS) are immediately available on browser refresh. Any changes you make to the Python require a notebook server restart.

URL scheme

  • /tree#examples is the Examples tab on the user's home page
  • /examples returns JSON that populates the contents of that tab
  • /examples/preview?example_id=xpcs.ipynb shows a static HTML preview (similar to nbviewer)
  • /examples/fetch?example_id=xpcs.ipynb&dest=my-xpcs.ipynb makes a "clean" copy of the notebook in the user's home directory, stripping out the example output
  • /examples/submit?example_id=my-new-example.ipynb copies a notebook into a shared, globally-writable directory of "unreviewed" examples

Related Work

This project is indebted to the nbgrader project, a related (and much more complex!) application.

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