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Example Rust CLI program that calculates the next prime after a given number
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Next Prime CLI


Build the program and run it like a normal CLI:

cargo build
./target/debug/next-prime-rs -h
./target/debug/next-prime-rs -V
./target/debug/next-prime-rs 1

Crates You Should Know

  • Clap - Command Line Argument Parser for Rust

  • Primes - A prime generator for Rust.


Return Values

  • Forgot the return type (-> u64)

  • I was trying to return using a statement: n; vs n

Statements are instructions that perform some action and do not return a value. Expressions evaluate to a resulting value.

error[E0308]: mismatched types
 --> src/
4 | fn next_prime(x: u64) -> u64 {
  |    ----------            ^^^ expected u64, found ()
  |    |
  |    implicitly returns `()` as its body has no tail or `return` expression
7 |     n;
  |      - help: consider removing this semicolon
  = note: expected type `u64`
             found type `()`
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