CakePHP OAuth2 Server Plugin
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Ported to CakePHP 2.0 Conventions by Daniel Correia

Original README contents (with a few changes):

CakePHP OAuth2 Server Plugin by Mike Smullin

** Host your own OAuth2 API Server Authentication system like Facebook, Twitter, etc. **


  • CakePHP User Model defined in app
  • No conflict with using CakePHP Auth Component in plugin
  • CakePHP Migrations plugin installed

Installation & Usage

Place this directory in your plugins dir:

git submodule add git:// ./app/Plugin/OAuth2Server/

Download the latest version of Tim Ridgley's oauth2-php into ./app/Plugin/OAuth2Server/Vendors/oauth2-php/, from:

Add this line to your ./app/config/routes.php:

// include CakePHP-OAuth2-Server-Plugin routes
require_once App::pluginPath('OAuth2Server') .'config'. DS .'routes.php';

Run this plugin's migrations (requires CakePHP Migrations plugin by CakeDC) - Branch 2.0

cake migration -plugin OAuth2Server

Customize the file ./app/Plugin/OAuth2Server/Config/oauth.php to fit your use case.

Add this plugin's OAuth2 component to your AppController:

var $components = array('OAuth2Server.OAuth2');

Add this override to your AppController:

 * Override isAuthorized() callback.
 * Disables placeholder error and changes default to null,
 * which has a special meaning for OAuth2Server plugin.
 * @return Boolean
 *   null = check normally
 *   true = force allow without check
 *   false = force disallow without check
function isAuthorized() {
    return null; // check normally

Authentication verification happens automatically any time getCurrentUserId() is called:

try {
  $this->OAuth2->getCurrentUserId(true); // true is optional and default; means throw exception on failure
} catch (Exception $e) {
  // handle problems with access_token here


CakePHP-OAuth2-Server-Plugin is written by Mike Smullin and is released under the WTFPL.

OAuth2-PHP is written by Tim Ridgely and licensed under MIT. see

CakePHP Migrations is written by CakeDC. see