A fork of UfXtract, with the intent of using RestClient (hammock) with async/parallel operations.
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Fork Information

This fork has the purpose of switching the basic usage of the WebRequest class with Hammock RestClient. This change has the purpose of making all the requests async and, where possible, parallel.

More on this when I start coding. If there is a stable code-base, a tag will be created.


UfXtract is a fast and easy to use .Net microformats parser. With a few lines of code you can load and parse microformats from Urls or HTML strings. You can then extract the data directly in .Net or convert it into JSON, JSON-P or XML.

UfXtract currently supports the following microformats hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hResume, hAtom, XFN, rel-tag, geo, adr, rel-nofollow, rel-license, rel-directory, rel-home, rel-enclosure, rel-payment and votelinks.It also supports a handful of POSH patterns hCard-XFN, rel-me, rel-next/previous, test-suite and test-fixture. The support of rel-me and rel-next/previous was added to help people build social graph spiders.

UfXtract can typically parse a page between 10-50ms. I have gone to some pains to build a test suite to make sure it conforms as closely as possible to the microformats specs.

You can also easily create new microformats and POSH definitions using some simple .Net objects.

API version Documentation Test suite


UfXtract is an open source project. Please help by contributing to documentation, reporting bugs, forking the code to add features or make bug fixes etc