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This is a modernizing release for Cloak.


  • Configuration now expects schema instead of model:

    config :cloak, :migration,
      repo: MyApp.Repo,
      schemas: [{MyApp.Schema1, :encryption_version},
      {MyApp.Schema2, :encryption_version}]

    This reflects changes from Ecto 1.x and Ecto 2.x.

New Features

  • New cipher: AES.GCM (thanks @tomciopp!)

  • Encrypt with multiple ciphers concurrently (thanks @asummers!)

  • JSON library is now configurable. You can use anything with a Poison-ish API.

    config :cloak, json_library: Jason


  • Codebase reformatted with Elixir's new code formatter
  • CI now checks for compile warnings and unformatted code
  • Added bin/test to quickly run all CI checks in development
  • Fixed dialyzer and compile warnings (thanks @asummers!)
  • README updated to reflect Ecto 2.x

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