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Simple meal planning with NodeJS, AngularJS, and MongoDB
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Meal Planner

A meal planning app written entirely in Javascript. Node.js on the backend, AngularJS and RequireJS on the front end, and MongoDB for the database.

Production Site

You can visit the live site at Feel free to mess around and report any bugs on Github Issues.


All installation steps assume that you have Homebrew installed.


$ brew install node


$ brew install mongodb


$ git clone git://
$ cd meal-planner/
$ npm install
$ node app

Now visit http://localhost:3000 and everything should be set up!


  1. Fork the repo
  2. Make your changes, submit pull request including screenshots. Use OSX's built in screenshot feature or Skitch.
  3. If you want attribution, include an update to the file. The project uses Semantic Versioning.

If you update the changelog, your update should look like this:

## Version X.X.X

* @yourgithubhandle: {describe the change you made.}

You should also update the package.json to match the new version number. Continuous integration is set up, so your pull request will be pushed live after it is approved automatically, which makes some of these steps necessary.

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