A way to reconcile data across databases
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This is way to reconcile database tables (it may not be generally useful)

It was designed to work in a specific environment where several tables got their data
from different sources that should have been the same.

Since the sources had independent upstream failures that caused them to be different, I developed
this as means of understanding what the differences were, so that we could identify and repair them.

Besides possibly having a limited usecase, it needs refactoring for duplication, but it is easy somewhat easier to understand this way.

It is also designed to be run as a cap task having been deployed to a production server with access to both databases. This version assumes SQLite, but the original production version used MySQL.

The cap tasks are specifically for a development env only, and were different for our production environment, no longer a part of this project.

I haven't had a chance to run this code since modifying it, there maybe typos here or there.