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Starter project for react, mobx and typescript
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Daniel Bischoff
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react-mobx-starter project

Want to have a quickstart with react, mobx and typescript?

Check out this project to spent time implementing your features and not setting up your build config. To help you while developing, it reloads components and stylesheets on the fly. No full page reload required.

Supported features:

  • Typescript
  • React
  • Mobx
  • Styled components
  • HMR of components
  • HMR of styles
  • Minifies/obfuscates your javascript in production
  • Uses jest for unit testing
  • Use VS Code to debug your code and tests


To debug your unit tests, please make sure you are using node version >= 8.9.4


Checkout the project and run in your terminal:

npm install

Run development mode

npm run dev

Run test

npm run test

Build for production

npm run build

The output will be under /dist

Debug active unit test file

To debug the active unit test file, go to the debug section in VS Code and select the "Jest Test Current File" launch config. Then open your unit test file, set breakpoints wherever you want and press "F5".

How to use images

To use images, you can import them in your current file and webpack will give you the image as a base64 encoded string or as a path to the image.

import * as image from './image.jpg';

const ImageComponent = () => <img src={image} />;
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