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Provides Laravel auto-completion for Jetbrains PHPStorm
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Laravel 3 IDE Helper

Provides Laravel 3 auto-completion for Jetbrains PHPStorm

The purpose if this repository is to collaborate on keeping the helper file up to date, so please feel free to submit pull requests :)


Copy ide_helper.php into your application folder

Alternative Installation

This method is slightly more complicated, but you don't need to have the ide_helper.php in you project files.

Add the ide_helper.php file to the External Libraries:

  • Create an ide_helper folder somewhere on your computer and drop the ide_helper.php file in
  • In PHPStorm right click on External Libraries -> Configure PHP Include Paths...
  • Click on the + icon and choose your previously created folder
  • Click OK

Laravel 4

For Laravel 4 I recommend using which can generate the ide-helper file automatically.

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