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escaped sequences preferred in css #1

krisbulman opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I have a question about the decision about using UTF-8 chars instead of css escape sequences in 85ecac6

I have had no problems displaying these icons using css escape sequences in FF, Safari, or Chrome (commit 16cfc6a ).

Besides, wouldn't using special characters force us to use the @charset rule?

Instead, this css method could be used:

content: "\2665"; /* ♥ */

and expressions can be added for earlier IE support

further reading:

Perhaps this has already been thought out, so just looking for some explanation on why that route was chosen.


2-bytes codes are ok, but 3-bytes are broken with escaped chars. Check out 74472c2 in chrome/opera, and you will see what i mean. Pay attention to symbols 1Fxxx.

Smashmag issue doesn't pay attention to 3-bytes chars.


I close this issue, since we can do nothing with it.


  • firefox ok
  • opera ok
  • chrome fails to works with 3-byte escape chars.
@puzrin puzrin closed this
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