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A simple demonstration of a fixtures test based architecture in JavaScript
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Unit testing with fixtures unleashed

This repository is just an example for explaining how fixtures can be set up in within a project, you can read more about it in this blog post.

A simple demonstration of a fixtures test based architecture in JavaScript. A simple case study scenario is built around a function called backgroundColorReplacer that is exposed in main entroypoint file replacer.js.

The case study

There's a dummy implementation of a function called backgroundColorReplacer that basically replaces a background-color css property with a rgb color for some other rgb or rgba color depending on the options passed to this function.

Examples of usage can be seen in the file __tests__/replacer.test.js.

Unit tests

Some simple unit tests are added in __tests__/replacer.test.js, as a first step. branch: step-1-implementation-and-unit-tests

Fixtures architecture

At the end, we get a set of organized test cases within the fixtures folder, that are consumed from run-fixtures.js that will generate all the jest boilerplatish code for us. Each test case within fixtures has a very specific name that depicts its purpose, also the content of these files is strictly declarative, the only thing there are the specification of the inputs for our replacer.

├── not-replace-color-if-no-match.js
├── not-replace-color-if-no-new-color-specified.js
├── replace-color-when-match-and-opacity-defined.js
├── replace-color-when-match.js
└── tests
    ├── fixtures.spec.js
    └── __snapshots__
        └── fixtures.spec.js.snap
  • fixtures - folder where test cases are specified.
  • run-fixtures - responsible for generating fixtures/tests/fixtures.spec.js, where the actual tests are outputted.

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