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This directory contains all the code necessary to reproduce the analysis described in the paper "'I guess we are from very different backgrounds': Attitudes towards Social Justice and Intergenerational Educational Mobility in European Societies" published by Social Indicators Research in 2023.

A pre-print version is available at


The analysis was developed using R. Once the software is installed, it is necessary to install some packages before running the code. To do that, you can run the following command

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "haven", "missRanger", "Hmisc", "MCM", "purrr", "broom", "broom.helpers", "gt", "ggpubr"))


The analysis uses data from the 9th Round of the European Social Survey (ESS). The original full dataset can be downloaded for free on the ESS website. The subdirectory "code/data" contains the working datasets, which only includes the cases and variables required to reproduce the analysis (the processing steps are described in the code file 0_Processing).


The analysis can be reproduced by running the following files included in the "code" sub-directory.

  1. 0_Processing.R: Contains all steps to produce the working datasets from the original raw ESS9 data file. You can skip this step if you do no not want to include a new variable or recode the variables in the working datasets.

  2. 1_Descriptives: This is the code required to reproduce the descriptive analysis and generate Table 2 of the paper.

  3. 2_Estimates: This is the code required to generate Table 3 of the paper as well as Table 1A (Appendix).

  4. 3_EstimatesByCntry: This is the code required to generate Figure 1 of the paper as well as the remaining tables from the Appendix.


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