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v 1.1.0 (Jul 12, 2015)
Improvements on documentation pages, several bug fixes on animations.
Added 3X version and removed Large version.
Added 7 animations:
- Ball Spin Clockwise Fade Rotating
- Ball Spin Fade Rotating
- Fire
- Line Spin Clockwise Fade Rotating
- Line Spin Fade Rotating
- Square Loader
- Timer
v 1.0.1 (May 21, 2015)
Minor style adjustments on several animations and examples.
Added 4 animations:
- Ball Spin
- Ball Spin Clockwise
- Ball Square Clockwise Spin
- Ball Square Spin
v 1.0.0 (May 11, 2015)
First public release.
Added 42 animations:
- Ball 8bits
- Ball Atom
- Ball Beat
- Ball Circus
- Ball Climbing Dot
- Ball Clip Rotate
- Ball Clip Rotate Multiple
- Ball Clip Rotate Pulse
- Ball Elastic Dots
- Ball Fall
- Ball Fussion
- Ball Grid Beat
- Ball Grid Pulse
- Ball Newton Cradle
- Ball Pulse
- Ball Pulse Rise
- Ball Pulse Sync
- Ball Rotate
- Ball Running Dots
- Ball Scale
- Ball Scale Multiple
- Ball Scale Pulse
- Ball Scale Ripple
- Ball Scale Ripple Multiple
- Ball Spin Clockwise Fade
- Ball Spin Fade
- Ball Spin Rotate
- Ball Triangle Path
- Ball Zig Zag
- Ball Zig Zag Deflect
- Cog
- Cube Transition
- Line Scale
- Line Scale Party
- Line Scale Pulse Out
- Line Scale Pulse Out Rapid
- Line Spin Clockwise Fade
- Line Spin Fade
- Pacman
- Square Jelly Box
- Square Spin
- Triangle Skew Spin