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Repository files navigation helps developers create an amazing GitHub profile in minutes.


A live version of this project can be found at


Users can easily build and customise their GitHub profile, working with the following:

  • Introduction section (to include basic information, links to portfolio and any current projects that are of note.)
  • Skills icons (with over 60 technologies and softwares available to choose from)
  • Socials links (with 18 social media platforms to choose from)
  • Badges and statistics (graphic elements to add to your profile, such as GitHub stats badges, Twitter follower counts and Twitch streaming status)
  • Links to support sites (such as BuyMeACoffee).

Tech Stack

This project was built with:

  • NextJS
  • TailwindCSS

Installation has a very simple, two-step installation process.

1. Install dependencies

npm install

2. Run development server

npm run dev


Contributions are always welcome! Here's a few tips on how to get started.

  • Issues

    To get started, please take a look at the 'Issues' tab, where you will find open issues that exist within the project. If you see one that interests you, create a branch and submit a PR for review and approval.

  • How to add an icon

    If you would like to add a new icon to the skills section, please follow the following steps:

    • 1. Create SVGs

      You should first create three variations of the icon you are intending to add. All icons should be square (we recommend 128px x 128px).

      • [iconName]-colored.svg: This should be the full-color version of the icon. Please ensure it stays loyal to the brand colors and guidelines set out by the brand itself.
      • [iconName].svg: This icon will be the one that renders in light mode.
      • [iconName]-dark.svg: This icon will be the one that renders in dark mode.

      Please create SVG icon (we recommend using Adobe Illustrator, Figma or another vector-based graphics program)

    • 2. Add data to {iconData}

      In _app.js, all icon data is stored in an object called iconData.

      Inside of this object, there are four keys, with strings as values:

      name: "JavaScript",
      path: "",
      iTag: "javascript",
      link: "",
      Key Value
      name eg: "JavaScript". This value will be the one shown to the user via the tooltip.
      path The path for where the full-color version will be stored. Once the pull request has been merged, the icons you add will be found at "[iconName]-colored.svg".
      iTag The name that will be used for the CSS class, all lower case.
      link The URL for the official website of the language/technology being added.
    • 3. Add icons to CSS

      Adding your new icons to the site CSS is very simple. In styles/global.css, add the following block (replacing 'javascript' with the iTag you added in the last step).

      .javascript {
      @apply bg-[url('')] dark:bg-[url('')];
      .javascript.colored {
      @apply bg-[url('')];


ProfileMe is available under the GNU AGPLv3 license. Please read the terms of this license before making modifications to this project.