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// KSOutputStreamWriter.h
// Sandvox
// Created by Mike on 10/03/2011.
// Copyright 2011-2012 Karelia Software. All rights reserved.
// Converts incoming strings to data and writes them to an NSOutputStream
#import "KSWriter.h"
@interface KSOutputStreamWriter : NSObject <KSWriter>
NSOutputStream *_outputStream;
NSStringEncoding _encoding;
BOOL _precompose;
// if precompose == YES, then Unicode Normalization Form C is applied to the output. This is handy for distributing to platforms which don't have as good unicode support as Apple's. More details at
- (id)initWithOutputStream:(NSOutputStream *)outputStream
- (id)initWithOutputStream:(NSOutputStream *)outputStream; // uses UTF8 encoding, but doesn't precompose
@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSStringEncoding encoding;