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GitBox - Git repository hosting inside a Dropbox folder

GitBox is a cross platform tool to host personal private git repositories inside Dropbox folders that get automatically synchronized between operating systems, machines and backed up on the internet.

Although everything the tool does can be done manually, the goal was to make things simple and user friendly without having to remember a long list of git commands and paths.


  • Automatic git installation and configuration
  • Listing the repositories tracked by GitBox
  • Creating a new git repository inside GitBox
  • Cloning a git repository from GitBox
  • Imporint an existing git repository into GitBox

Planned Features

  • Repository backup creation
  • Repository merging

Installation and Usage

The project's wiki contains a detailed installation, page, a full command reference and a list of samples and tutorials to get you started right away.

All of these can also be found in the project's user manual available at the download section.

Very Basic Sample Usage

From computer A: $ gitbox create myapp $ gitbox clone myapp

// Do some work
$ git add <some files>
$ git commit -m "Commit message"
$ git push gitbox

From computer B: $ gitbox clone myapp // Do some work and push as previously

From computer A: $ git pull gitbox master // Do some work // .....

For more, please see the samples and tutorials section in the wiki pages.

Supported Platforms

Fully supported:

  • Fedora
  • Mac OS X
  • OpenSuSE 11.1+
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows XP SP2+, Vista, Win 7

Partially supported:

  • Linux and *nix - Theoretically works. Requires manual git installation.
  • Windows before XP SP2 - Requires manual configuration.


Since I have only a limited number of distros at my disposal, I'd be grateful for testing GitBox on others and providing feedback.

Also the partially supported platforms need some work to be fully supported. In the case of linux distributions that should be only 3-5 lines of code to enable automatic git installation.

If you'd like to lend a hand, simply fork my repository, hack away and contact me when you'd like to merge something upstream.