A simple Mac OS X application for testing native regular expressions.
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This is a very simple Mac OS X application that allows you to test regular expressions against sample text. It is based on the Mac OS SDK's implementation of NSRegularExpression, which is based on ICU.

My problem is that, as a Rails developer, I'd grown accustomed to using Rubular, a brilliant regex testing tool. However, there are subtle differences in the syntax of regular expressions between the Mac SDK and others. This tool ensures that the expressions I enter will actually work when implemented in code.

##Download If you just want a binary, here you go.


##License This software is available as-is. You may use it without restriction, though I'd appreciate a credit.

##Usage Feel free to adopt it, use it, love it and fork it. I'm happy to take any pull requests to improve it, though it's pretty well satisfying my requirements now.