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// DTResurrectionKit.h
// DTResurrectionKit
// Created by Daniel Tull on 09.11.2009.
// Copyright 2009 Daniel Tull. All rights reserved.
@class DTResurrector;
/** The DTResurrectionKit protocol should be adopted by any class wanting to be saved to and restored
from the resurrection system.
@protocol DTResurrection
/** Initialiser DTResurrectionKit uses to restore the object.
As shown in DTResurrector, you can save
@param resurrector The resurrector doing the restoration.
- (id)initWithResurrector:(DTResurrector *)resurrector;
/** Method DTResurrectionKit uses to save the object metadata.
@param resurrector The resurrector doing the saving.
- (void)encodeToResurrector:(DTResurrector *)resurrector;
#import "DTResurrector.h"
#import "DTResurrectionController.h"
#import "UITabBarController+DTResurrection.h"
#import "UIViewController+DTResurrection.h"
#import "UINavigationController+DTResurrection.h"
#import "NSArray+DTResurrection.h"
#import "NSDictionary+DTResurrection.h"
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