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Delete All Contacts

Like it says on the tin, run this app and it’ll delete all the contacts on your device.



Well I had contacts syncing with MobileMe. Then iCloud came along and I have a different AppleID that I use for everything (everything, except MobileMe). So I stop syncing my contacts with MobileMe and find that now I have two contacts, one on the device and one in iCloud. I only wanted ones on iCloud and going through 273 contacts, hitting delete on each one would have taken the best part of a couple of hours; This app took much less time.

So if you’re in the same position as me…

  1. Make sure your contacts are actually on iCloud
  2. Turn off iCloud syncing for contacts – I imagine this would destroy that data too and that would be bad!
  3. Build and run this app – it will delete all of the contacts on device
  4. Start iCloud syncing and watch the iCloud contacts come in
  5. Delete the app – for the love of god, don’t let this tempting white-iconed beauty stay on your device