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Repo for projects built for my FCC Certification
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Algorithms and Data Structures
Front End Libraries
Responsive Web Design

Full-Stack Certification from FCC

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, I started working through FreeCodeCamp's 1,800-hour curriculum to earn my Full-Stack Developer Certification. Currently I am roughly halfway through the curriculum (900-hours), and am on pace to earn three certifications by the end of this month (September, 2019):

Certification Skills
Responsive Web Design HTML, CSS, Flexbox, Grid, Visual & Responsive Design, Accessibility
Algorithms and Data Structures ES6, Regex, Data Structures, Algorithm Scripting, OOP, Functional Programing
Front-End Libraries Bootstrap, jQuery, SASS, React.js, Redux

Project Highlights:

Each folder contains live demos as well as the source code for every project.

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