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Experiment 3

alt tag

The Blob!

I'm still discovering the infinite applications of the sine wave. This time, applied to a SphereGeometry.
A wave is calculated by measuring the distance between each vertex on the sphere and a Vector3 aptly named 'warpVector'.

Play around with the size and speed variables and see how it behaves.

Live demo

Initial setup

  • npm install --global gulp-cli : Install gulp globally
  • npm i Install dependencies

Building for development

  • gulp dev : Build files will be output to the '.tmp' directory.

Building for production

  • gulp build : Build files will be output to the 'deploy' directory.

Pushing a new release

  • gulp build : Compile local changes
  • git add . : Stage changes
  • git commit -m"change description" : comment on your changes
  • git tag -a v1.0.0 -m "Change description" : Add a new tagged release
  • git push --follow-tags : Push staged changes and tags