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Derivational Morphology

This is the code repository for the ACL 2018 paper A Distributional and Orthographic Aggregation Model for English Derivational Morphology. If you use this code for your work, please cite

  author = 	"Deutsch, Daniel
		and Hewitt, John
		and Roth, Dan",
  title = 	"A Distributional and Orthographic Aggregation Model for English Derivational Morphology",
  booktitle = 	"Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers)",
  year = 	"2018",
  publisher = 	"Association for Computational Linguistics",
  pages = 	"1938--1947",
  location = 	"Melbourne, Australia",
  url = 	""


To clone the repository with the dataset, shard the training data, and download the unigram-counts.txt data file, run


The data/unigram-counts.txt file is stored here, but can be optionally reproduced with the following command

sh scripts/ download data/unigram-counts.txt

The distributional model uses pretrained word vectors from Please download the word vectors from here to data/GoogleNews-vectors-negative300.bin.gz.

Reproducing experiments

Our experiments are built on the Sun Grid Engine and use the qsub command to run several random seed restarts simultaneously.

To reproduce the accuracy and edit-distance results

sh scripts/ unconstrained experiments/default.yaml
sh scripts/ constrained experiments/constrained.yaml

python scripts/ unconstrained unconstrained-metrics.txt
python scripts/ constrained constrained-metrics.txt
python scripts/ unconstrained-metrics.txt constrained-metrics.txt

To reproduce the search results table

sh scripts/ search experiments/search.yaml

python scripts/ search
python scripts/ search/summary.txt

To run the training for an individual model instead of the entire set of 30 random restarts, run one of the following scripts


Each script takes 3 arguments: the yaml config file (e.g. see experiments/default.yaml or experiments/constrained.yaml), an output directory, and a random seed.

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